Rider Haggard

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Rider Haggard
Rider Haggard

Great English novelist.

Haggard is remembered for his 34 excellent adventure novels, especially King Solomon’s Mines (1885), She (1887) and Allan Quatermain (1887).

This is a pre-stamped Victorian postcard, sent from his house in Ditchingham, Bungay in Suffolk on August 20th 1890 to a Mr Glaisher, a bookseller on The Strand in London. It's a short signed note from Haggard in ink, asking Mr Glaisher to send him a copy of Leo Tolstoy's novella  The Kreutzer Sonata. (This was published in 1889 and promptly banned by the Russian authorities.) The address panel features a column of prices that have been added up (presumably by the bookseller. A little dusty and aged but in good overall condition.