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Reg Smythe

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Category: Art
Reference No: 10032
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  Reg Smythe

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British cartoonist.

Smythe was the creator of the immortal Andy Capp, who appeared for the first time in the Daily Mirror in 1957.

This is a very pleasant letter, typed on an 8" x 6" sheet of headed Daily Mirror notepaper (23rd November, 1971) to a fan.
It reads (in full)

Thank you for your letter and your interest in the feature.
I don't know how Florrie puts up with him. Andy's a proper little devil, isn't he? Anyway, here's hoping you continue to get a giggle out of the lad's daily antics.
He and Florrie send their regards and best wishes from their artist.

There's a fine signature in black ink at the conclusion. In excellent condition.