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Barbara Castle

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Category: Politics
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  Barbara Castle

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British Labour Party politician.

Castle was one of the most significant Labour Party politicians of the 20th century, serving in the Cabinet under Prime Minister Harold Wilson in a number of key roles, including as Secretary of State for Employment, Secretary of State for Health and Social Services, and First Secretary of State.

Castle made two major contributions to road safety as Minister of Transport (1965-1968), introducing the breathalyser to combat drink-driving and bringing in legislation requiring all new cars to be fitted with seat belts.

As Secretary of State for Employment, she helped make history when she intervened in the Ford sewing machinists' strike of 1968, in which the women of the Dagenham Ford Plant demanded to be paid the same as their male counterparts. She helped resolve the strike, which resulted in a pay rise for Ford's female workers bringing them to 92% of what the men received. Most significantly, as a consequence of this strike, Castle put through the Equal Pay Act 1970. In the 2010 film, Made in Dagenham, based on the Ford strike, Castle was portrayed by Miranda Richardson.

In 2008, six years after her death, Barbara Castle was named by The Guardian as one of four of "Labour's greatest heroes".

This is a very fine typed letter on an 8" x 6" sheet of headed House of Commons notepaper (January 6, 1970) to an admirer who has sent a complimetary  letter and requests an autograph. Castle has responded with a fine example in blue ink.
One horizontal and one vertical correspondence fold; in excellent condition.