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Viscount Castlereagh

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Category: Politics
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  Viscount Castlereagh  Viscount Castlereagh

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Great Irish-born British statesman.

Castlereagh, a political giant, was British Foreign Secretary from 1812 to1822 and helped guide the Grand Alliance against Napoleon. He was a major participant in the Congress of Vienna in 1814 and helped redraw the map of Europe when the Napoleonic Wars were finally over.

After Waterloo, it was Castlereagh who secured Napoléon's removal to St. Helena,. Grossly overworked in his final years, he began to show signs of mental illness in 1821 and by 1822 was suffering from outright paranoia.

Castlereagh was, or thought he was, being blackmailed on accusations of homosexual acts and August 12th 1822 committed suicide by cutting his own throat.

This is a letter, handwritten and signed  in ink on a sheet of 9" x 6" notepaper, and believed to date from Friday Night April 25th 1817, to a man who has written enquiring about his health.

The letter has split along the central horizontal correspondence fold, but the bulk of Castlereagh's reply is contained, intact in the separate lower half of the letter.

It reads:

Accept my thanks for your obliging note, I feel much better and hope to be well enough to attend you on Monday.

faithfully yours