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Christo & Jeanne-Claude

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Category: Art
Reference No: 10504
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   Christo & Jeanne-Claude

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Christo (b.1935) and Jeanne-Claude (1935-2009)

Bulgarian /Moroccan married couple who created monumental works of art all over the world.

They were most famous for wrapping geographical features such as the Reichstag in Berlin, the Pont-Neuf bridge in Paris, Little Bay in Australia, eleven islands in Miami's Biscayne Bay and a curtain across Rifle Gap, a valley in the Rocky Mountains near Rifle, Colorado.

The artists always denied that their projects contained any deeper meaning than their immediate aesthetic impact. The purpose of their art, they contended, was simply to create works of art for joy and beauty and to create new ways of seeing familiar landscapes.

The vast projects were largely funded by selling preparatory pastel and charcoal drawings, collages, lithographs and early artwork.

This is a lovely colour postcard showing their famous "wrapping" of Little Bay in Australia in 1969. The card has been signed across a clear area in black ink by Christo (who has also signed on behalf of his wife, Jeanne-Claude). In very good condition.