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Gibb McLaughlin

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Category: Art
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  Gibb McLaughlin

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Tall, skeletal British character actor, in the Ernest Thesiger mould.

McLaughlin, who began his show business career as a music hall comedian and monologist, made his film debut in 1921 in The Road To London and went on to appear in a total of 118 films.

McLaughlin was enormously versatile and was equally comfortable as a sneering villain, a dour undertaker or a clever detective.

Rarely in a leading role, his many credits include The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933), Catherine the Great (1934), The Iron Duke (1934), Mr Reeder in Room 13 (1941) The First of the Few (1942), The Young Mr Pitt (1942), No Orchids for Miss Blandish (1948), Oliver Twist (1948), The Lavender Hill Mob (1951), The Card (1952), The Pickwick Papers (1952), The Deep Blue Sea (1955), The Man Who Never Was (1956) and Too Many Crooks (1959).

McLaughlin was last seen in Hancock’s Half Hour in 1960, playing an old man in a library.

This is a superb vintage 1930s glossy sepia postcard, nicely signed and inscribed ("To Philip, Gibb McLaughlin") in blue fountain pen ink across the image. In excellent condition.