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Christopher Fry

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Category: Literature
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  Christopher Fry

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English playwright, one of the most celebrated of the mid-20th century and regarded as the Shakespeare of his time for his poetry and wit.

Fry’s major works include his first play, The Boy with a Cart. After the war, his comedies led a resurgence in verse drama in English, especially the four "seasonal comedies": The Lady's Not for Burning ("Spring," 1948), Venus Observed ("Autumn," 1949), The Dark Is Light Enough ("Winter," 1954) and A Yard of Sun ("Summer," 1970). He also wrote religious dramas in verse such as The Firstborn (1946), Thor with Angels (1948) and A Sleep of Prisoners (1951), and several important dramatic translations such as Ring Round the Moon (1950) and The Lark (1955) by Jean Anouilh and Tiger at the Gates (1955) by Jean Giraudoux.

Fry's plays attracted some of the era's best classical actors, including Paul Scofield in A Phoenix Too Frequent (1946), and John Gielgud in The Lady's Not for Burning.
This is a vintage magazine photograph, very neatly mounted in period to a white postcard. Fry has added a strong signature in black ink across the image. In very good condition.