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Robert Bolt

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Category: Literature
Reference No: 1880
Status: Available
Price: £25.00
  Robert Bolt

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Outstanding British playwright who turned to screenwriting; married the actress Sarah Miles twice (1967-1976 and in 1988).

Bolt is best remembered for his screenplay for Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and for his Oscar-winning screenplays for Doctor Zhivago (1965) and A Man For All Seasons (1966).
This is a fine typed letter (Park Gates, Richmond Green, Surrey), from the heyday of his fame (22nd January 1963) and boldly signed in black ink at its conclusion.
It reads (in full):
Dear Mr Shaw
Thanks for your letter. I've often heard you mentioned by mutual acquaintances and friends. You have a fascinating job and I look forward to seeing Keele for myself, retaining as I do from a safe distance much interest in educational matters - the only matters I begin to think which might conceivably be improved without an overall social upset. Yes, I think id' better stay overnight if that's convenient, though I shall be off early next day as that's a very busy month for me.
Yours sincerely,
Bob Bolt.
Two horizontal correspondence folds and a left corner crease but otherwise in good condition.