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Eliphalet Remington

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Category: Military
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Price: £195.00
  Eliphalet Remington

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American blacksmith who designed the Remington Rifle.

Remington was convinced he could make a better gun than he could buy and at the age of 23, working at his father’s forge in the Mohawk Valley, he hand-made a revolutionary sporting rifle, using a firing mechanism bought from a dealer, producing the barrel himself.

In the autumn of 1816 he entered a shooting match with his new rifle, and though he only finished second, his handmade weapon was a success.  Many of the other contestants wanted one, and before he left the shooting field, he was in the gun business.

With the completion of the Erie Canal, connecting Buffalo with Albany, commerce in the Mohawk Valley expanded enormously. To meet the increased demand for rifle barrels, in 1828 the forge and foundry was moved from its rural setting to 100 acres of land close to the canal and Mohawk River near a town then called Morgan's Landing (later Ilion), New York.

In 1839 Eliphalet was joined by his eldest son, Philo Remington (to make the business "E. Remington & Son"), and in 1845 his second son, Samuel, also joined the company, afterwards called "E. Remington & Sons". Remington's third son, Eliphalet III, would later join the company as well.

During this period, the Remingtons specialized almost exclusively in the manufacture of rifle barrels. These barrels, marked with the distinctive "REMINGTON" stamp near their breeches, were recognized for their quality and reasonable price. Many, if not most, of the independent gunsmiths in the Mohawk Valley purchased completed (but not rifled) barrels from Remington and assembled them into custom-made firearms ordered by their customers. As demand increased, the Remingtons added other parts to their inventory, first percussion locks made in Birmingham, but marked with their stamp "REMINGTON", and later sets of brass gun furniture, including trigger guards, butt plates, and patch boxes. Later on, revolvers were added to their inventory.

Remington supplied the U.S. Army with rifles in the Mexican-American War (1846- 1848). In 1847, they supplied the U.S. Navy with its first breech-loading rifle. In 1856 the business was expanded to include the manufacture of agricultural implements. Upon Eliphalet's death in 1861, his son, Philo, took over the firm during the Civil War, and diversified the product line to include sewing machines and typewriters.

This is a fine cheque for $450, drawn on the Ilion Bank and payable to Gibbs and Halces, (March 7th 1853). It has been made out entirely in Eliphalet Remington's hand and signed, with Remington adding "& Sons" to his signature. There's a bank cancellation in the form of a light, central, cross-like tear; general condition is excellent. RARE.