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Angela Brazil

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Category: Literature
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  Angela Brazil

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British novelist, one of the first British writers of "modern schoolgirls' stories", intended primarily as entertainment rather than moral instruction.

Brazil’s first published novel was A Terrible Tomboy (1905) but her long sequence of school stories did not commence until the publication of her second novel The Fortunes of Philippa (1906). This was an instant success, and Brazil soon received commissions to produce similar work. In total she published 49 novels about life in boarding schools, and approximately 70 short stories, which appeared in magazines. Her average production of these tales was two novels and five short stories each year.

Brazil’s most popular school story novel, The Nicest Girl in The School (1909) sold 153,000 copies and by 1920 the school story was the most popular genre for girls.

While interest in girls school stories waned after World War II, her books remained popular until the 1960s. They were seen as disruptive and a negative influence on moral standards by some figures in authority during the height of their popularity, and in some cases were banned by headmistresses in British girls' schools.

If there are undercurrents of lesbian themes in her stories (kissing between pupils takes place and less frequently, between pupils and teachers) Brazil was almost certainly unaware of them, though it is unfortunate that the author had a particularly attachment to the name Lesbia, given to several important characters!

This is a fine signature in blue fountain pen ink on a slip of paper (approximately 3.5" x 2.25") which has been attached (probably by Brazil herself) to a larger slip of paper with an address blindstamp, The Quadrant, Coventry, at its head. Brazil has also added the word "with kind wishes" in ink above her signature. Some waviness of the lower edge but otherwise in very good condition.