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Coco the Clown

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Category: Comedy
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   Coco the Clown

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Latvian-born circus clown, real name Nicolai Poliakov.

Technically, Coco wasn’t a clown at all but an “Auguste” - the foolish character who is always on the receiving end of buckets of water and custard pies. The auguste often works with the cleverer white-faced “clown” who always gets the better of him.

Coco’s parents worked in the theatre when he was born, but both lost their jobs a few years later, and in order to survive, Nicolai started busking from the age of five. In 1929 Nicolai, or 'Coco' as he was then called, came to England with his young wife Valentina and began working for Bertram Mills' Circus. He left the Circus temporarily to serve in the British Army during World War 2, but returned straight afterwards. Whe bertram Mills' Circus closed in 1967 he joined Robert Brothers Circus, where he stayed until his death.

Coco performed before royalty all over the world, and received a medal from the Queen for his years of work in promoting road safety for children.

This is the full-colour cover (8.5" x 5.25") of a Bertram Mills Circus programme (Summer Season, 1954), signed across a clear area in blue ink by Coco. One central horizontal fold (strengthened to the reverse with clear adhesive tape) and one very thin strip of clear adhesive tape along the top edge, but in good overall condition, with clean, bright colours.