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Collinson and Dean

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Category: Comedy
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   Collinson and Dean

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British comedy duo.

The act was made up of Will Collinson (William Valentine Malavoire, 1882-1958) and Alfie Dean (Alfred Corfield,1902-1948).

Will Collinson, the team's straightman, initially toured Europe, Australia, and America as a "sketch artiste", and was well respected among performers as a dependable writer of comedy routines (many of which he picked up from American burlesque and recycled in Britain). 

Alfie Dean began his stage career in 1915 as a member of Gerald Mount's Juveniles.

A good foot-and-a-half shorter and seventeen years younger than Collinson, Dean provided the contrast that would form the basis of the team's stage and radio act. Collinson's most popular stage persona was as a blustery and slightly dim middle-aged patsy. Dean commonly played foil as a wisecracking and malicious schoolboy, driving Collinson up the wall with inane questions, one-liners, conundrums, puns and non sequiturs.

An immediate success in 1925, Collinson and Dean's partnership lasted thirteen years, reaching its peak in a 1933 Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium. They continued as a team until the outbreak of WWII when Dean entered the Army. Collinson then continued the act with a new foil, Bobby Breen.

This is a fine vintage black and white photograph (5.25" x 3.5"), nicely signed across a light area of the image in dark blue fountain pen ink by both comedians. Album adhesion remains to the reverse, not in any way affecting the front. In good overall condition.