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Gerald Nabarro

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Category: Politics
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  Gerald Nabarro

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Controversial, flamboyant and wealthy Conservative politician with a much lapooned handlebar moustache and a series of Rolls-Royce cars with personalised number-plates (NAB 1, NAB 2 etc).

Though he came from a humble background, and an indifferent army career as a professional soldier (he reached the rank of sergeant), Nabarro tried to project the image of an aristocrat.

After trying unsuccessfully to enter Parliament in 1945, he was elected as MP for Kidderminster in the General Election of 1950, a seat which he held until 1964. He characterised himself as an old-style Tory, opposing entry to what is now the European Union, supporting  capital punishment, and backing Enoch Powell following the latter's controversial Rivers of Blood Speech.

On 5 April 1963, while appearing on Any Questions?, he infamously asked "How would you feel if your daughter wanted to marry a big buck nigger with the prospect of coffee-coloured grandchildren?", remarks which were excised from a repeat of the programme the following week. He was also instantly identifiable due to his much-lampooned handlebar moustache.

In 1971 Nabarro was the subject of what was then a sensational trial in the wake of an incident when he and his company secretary, Margaret Mason, drove the wrong way around a roundabout, causing an accident. Nabarro insisted that his secretary had been driving at the time, and although 3 independent witnesses said he was behind the wheel of his Rolls Royce, he was acquitted. When he came out of court he said “Justice is what you pay for. Nabarro didn’t get off scot-free. He suffered two strokes in the course of the re-trial and his political career was ended by the scandal. He died aged 60 a few months after his acquittal.

This is a fine typed letter on House of Commons paper (26th November 1957) to a man who has written in support of his proposals on Purchase Tax. It's an excellent ranting letter in which he says (amongs other things): "I can assure you I am absolutely inundated from all parts of the country with letters written in the same vein as yours, also support from trade associations of every kind and description, all of whom are sickened by the waste of manpower and materials and the loss of export potential arising from the Purchase Tax."
There's a flamboyant signature in blue fountain pen ink at the conclusion.
Two filing holes to the left edge, on vertical and one horizontal correspondence fold. In very good condition.