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Olave Baden-Powell

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  Olave Baden-Powell  Olave Baden-Powell  Olave Baden-Powell

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Leader of the World Guide Movement.

She married Robert Baden-Powell, 32 years her senior, in 1912. She became World Chief Guide in 1930. She and RBP settled in Kenya in 1938 but after her husband’s death in 1941 she returned to England.

This is an extraordinary 3-page letter (in Melbourne in Australia in November 1947 during her world tour that year), self-typed (badly!)  by Olave Baden-Powell. Packed with interesting gossip during her tour of the country,  it reads (in full):

As from c/o Girl Guide Office, 60 Market Street, MELBOURNE, Nov 9th 1947

Dear Mr Napier
Thank you so much for your nice letter, and I am so glad to hear that you have got nice quarters here in Melbourne, and that you hav got well settled down too,
I hope this means that you have found some congenial BUSINESS too, and that people have welcomed you as THEY should!
I was so glad too to hear from Mrs Fairbairn (who I saw here) that you have been to stay, and how comic it was that when she told you you could go to her "by bus" you naturally thought that Banongill was quite NEAR - instead of over 100 miles away!!
Anyway they are NICE people; and you can always ask yourself there again, if and when you want to, I am sure.
I forgot to mention - but I expect you discovered it  probably - that their only PRECIOUS son, was killed flying in the war.
She has been down here this week end,and jas (sic) just gone back; and I fly to TASMANIA tomorrow early for a fortnight's tour.
AND now, about how and when we can meet again!
I shall be at MENZIES again, and for about 12 days from Nov 22nd onwards.
They have got a TERRIFIC programme for me and I AM being worked very hard! I have been at it nin-stop (sic) ever since landing, with three or more functions per day, and I have "done" Western Australia, South, Queensland and N.S.W. - and "done" them pretty thoroughly too! But it IS SO worth while and they just wanted this little fillip that I have been able to give.
Well I HOPE to have a meal or two free during my stay and I wonder if you would care to have one with me??
There is going to be a BIG Rally (about 10,00 Scouts and Guides they say!) on the show ground on Nov 22nd at 2.45.
Unfortunately it is also HENLEY day, so people will go to watch THAT probably! But do come and see the Guides and Scouts if you feel like it and you will FIND ME THERE!!
I wonder if you go AWAY out of town for week ends? IF not then would you care to come to LUNCH with me, at Menzies on the SUNDAY 23rd (ONLY me, as I have a "Guides OWN" that afternoon, at 2.45.
You can send a note if you like OR RING ME UP AT Menzies & we can plan nearer the time, when I return on th 22nd .
I then tour Victoria until I go - AT LAST  to have my free three weeks with LADY SMITH, at Kongbool, Balmoral, on DECEMBER 15th onwards!
IF you have not got yourself booked up for all that Chritmassy time, then what about writing to her and saying you will come then!
I am sure she will be only too glad to have you at any time you liked.
When in Sydnay I saw Father Herbert. (At least I THINK it was "Herbert" not "Hartley" - I always mixed up their names - the one I saw was the clever-er one - NOT the one that laughed and waved his hand all the time !!
He came to a big PARTY that was held, and a whole lot of the other New Zealand star folk came too - Keechs, Richards, Wilks etc. and I saw Mr JOHN CAMPBELL at WAGGA WAGGA too with his REAL OWN wife!!
Well - au revoir agan sometime soon
In haste
Olave Baden-Powell

Condition of the letter, other than the usual correspondence folds, is very good (far brighter and sharper than suggested by the scans.) RARE.