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Mary Anderson

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  Mary Anderson

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Beautiful American actress with a remarkable voice.

Anderson decided on a stage career at an early age and at 16 made her debut as Juliet in Kentucky. She made her New York debut in 1877 and her London debut in 1883 at the Lyceum Theatre as Parthenia. She soon played Hermione in A Winter's Tale for a run of 100 consecutive nights, part of a continuous season of ten months, and became the toast of London.

After a two-year tour of the British Isles, during which she appeared in W.S.Gilbert’s Pygmalion and Galatea and Comedy and Tragedy (written specially for her) she returned to New York in As You Like It in 1885.

Anderson collapsed from nervous exhaustion in March, 1889, and was compelled to cancel all her American engagements and disband her company. In April she was ordered by her doctor to take a prolonged rest and sailed for Europe. She then abandoned the stage and resisted every inducement to return.

In 1890 she married Antonio Fernando de Navarro and settled with him in the pretty village of Broadway in Worcestershire. Her public appearances after that were rare.

Anderson was a friend of, and much admired by, Oscar Wilde. She commissioned a blank-verse tragedy from him, which he completed in Paris on his return from his 1881 trip to America. Sadly, she turned this down.

This is a short one-page letter on Court Farm, Broadway, Worcestershire headed paper (no date), handwritten in black fountain pen ink, to a fan who has written for an autograph. She adds a line from Shakespeare's As You Like It , "A poor thing but mine own". The letter is signed in her married name of Mary Anderson de Nararro. In very good condition.