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Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi

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Category: General Interest
Reference No: 7445
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Price: £30.00
  Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi

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Zulu chief and leader of the Inkatha Freedom Party.

Descended from Cetshwayo, he assumed leadership of the Buthelezi clan in 1953. Buthelezi was elected head of the non-independent black state of KwaZulu in 1972 and revived Inkatha in 1975 after breaking with the African National Congress (ANC). Rejecting full independence for KwaZulu, he worked within the white establishment to end apartheid. In 1990–94 he engaged in a fierce struggle for leadership with the ANC; thousands were killed in Inkatha-ANC clashes. Following the 1994 national elections, he was appointed minister of home affairs by Nelson Mandela; he held the post until 2004.

Buthelezi is avidly collected by film fans for his appearance as Cetehwayo in the great screen classic, Zulu (1963).

This is a very fine colour photograph (8" x 10") of the smartly suited Buthelezi, nicely signed and inscribed in black ink across a clear area of the image. In excellent condition.