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W. Averell Harriman

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  W. Averell Harriman

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American Democratic Party politician, businessman, and diplomat, noted for his legendary persistence and perseverance.

Harriman is best remembered for his diplomatic missions during World War II

In the spring of 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt made him a special envoy to Europe, where he helped coordinate the Lend-Lease program. He was present at the meeting between FDR and Winston Churchill at Placentia Bay, in August 1941, which yielded the Atlantic Charter, a common declaration of principles of the United States and the UK.

In the summer of 1942, Harriman accompanied Churchill to Moscow to explain to Stalin why the western allies were carrying out operations in North Africa instead of opening the promised second front France.

Harriman was appointed U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union in 1943. At the Tehran Conference in late 1943 he was given the job of placating a suspicious Churchill while Roosevelt attempted to gain the confidence of Stalin. Harriman also attended the Yalta Conference where he encouraged taking a stronger line with the Soviet Union. After Roosevelt's death, he attended the final "Big Three" conference at Potsdam.

In 1945, while Ambassador to the Soviet Union, Harriman was presented with a Trojan Horse gift. In 1952, the gift, a carved wood Great Seal of the United States, which had adorned "the ambassador's Moscow residential office" in Spaso House, was found to be bugged.

As Ambassador at Large under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, he helped negotiate the Geneva Agreement on Laos (1962), the nuclear test ban treaty (1963) and the initial phase of the Paris peace negotiations on Vietnam (1968-1969).

He was a core member of the group of foreign policy elders known as "The Wise Men".

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