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John Davys Beresford

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  John Davys Beresford

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English writer, best remembered for his early science fiction novels

The most famous of these is The Hampdenshire Wonder, published in 1911 and one of the first novels to involve a wunderkind, a freak, superbright child, born out of his time.

Goslings, published in 1913, is a post-apocalyptic novel, predating the John Wyndham stories, about a plague that sweeps across the world and kills men, leaving women in control.

"What Dreams May Come . . ." (1941) is a powerful novel about a young man drawn into a utopian future he has experienced in his dreams, and then returned, altered in body and mind, to a hopeless messianic quest in the war-torn present.

The Riddle of the Tower (1944) is about a dystopian, hive-like society.

Beresford was a great admirer of H.G. Wells, and wrote the first critical study of the author in 1915.

Elisabeth Beresford (1926–2010), children's writer and creator of The Wombles, was his daughter.

This is a fine letter, handwritten and signed in black ink, on a sheet of notepaper (126 Inverness Terrace, W2, 1st December, 1920) to Dear Payse.
Beresford invites him to come to dinner on the 9th at 7.45 and mentions the other guests who will be present ("Collins is coming, the Ervines, Rose Macauley and May Sinclair").
One correspondence fold. In good condition.