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Hilda Cowham

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Category: Art
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  Hilda Cowham

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English illustrator, famous for her work on children's books and ceramic nurseryware.

Cowham was a student at Wimbledon School of Art, Lambeth School of Art, and the Royal College of Art. She was one of the first women illustrators to publish in Punch and her work was also published in The Sketch, The Graphic and other magazines and periodicals. She designed posters for the London Underground between 1913 and 1914.

Cowham illustrated children's books, such as Fiddlesticks (1900), Peter Pickle and his dog Fido (1906), Curly Heads and Long Legs (1914), and Blacklegs and Others (1911). One of her characters, a "bush haired, black stockinged imp with big sash bow and infinitesimal petticoats", became famous as the "Cowham child" and was widely imitated.

Between 1924 to 1935, she and her friend Mabel Lucie Attwell were employed by Shelley Potteries Ltd to provide illustrations for baby's plate and nurseryware.

Cowham was married to the artist and book illustrator Edgar Lander (1872-1958). Lander lost the use of his right arm during World War I and had to learn to paint and  draw with his left hand. He illustrated books for Sir Philip Gibbs.

This is a very fine signature in black fountain pen ink on a 4.25" x 2.5" slip of paper. The page is also signed in ink by Cowham's husband, Edgar Lander. Laid down to white paper but in good overall condition. VERY RARE.