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P.T. Etherton

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  P.T. Etherton

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British Colonel and adventurer, whose life story reads like a rattling good Victorian yarn.

Etherton served in Kitchener's Fighting Scouts during the Second Boer War, and later was transferred to the Indian Army. In 1909-10 he crossed Asia from India to England through the Pamirs, Chinese Turkestan, Mongolia, Siberia, Russia, and Germany. He was one of only five white men to visit the sacred Moslem shrine of Ordam Padshah in southwest China.

During the First World War Etherton served in France, Egypt, the Sinai Peninsula, and Mesopotamia, and in 1918 was sent on a special commission to Central Asia. For five years he was Britain’s Consul-General in Chinese Turkestan.
In 1933 Etherton became.the organising secretary to the Houston Mount Everest Flight, the first attempt to fly over the summit. On the 4th of April Lord Clydesdale, Colonel Blacker, and Flight Lieutenant McIntyre set off early in Westland planes on what was intended to be a trial flight. But the wind conditions turned out to be so favourable that they went on to Everest, circled the summit at a hundred feet above it, and were safely back in their base in India soon after eleven.

In later years Etherton enjoyed a good living, writing best-selling books about his adventures – the flavour of them is shown by the titles, which include Across The Great Deserts, Manchuria, the Cockpit of Asia, Tempestuous Isle, The Other Side of the Equator and Japan, Mistress of the Pacific. He also wrote many articles for the Press on sport and travel.

This is a fine ink signature ("P.T.Etherton, Mount Everest Flying Expedn. 1933") on a 4.25" x 3" slip of paper. Laid down; slight waviness but in very good overall condition.