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Peter Hill-Norton

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Category: Military
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  Peter Hill-Norton

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South African-born British Admiral of the Fleet; in later years took a keen interest in UFOs.

Hill-Norton, who joined the Royal Navy in 1928, served during the Second World War initially as a gunnery instructor at HMS Excellent and then as gunnery officer on the cruiser HMS Cairo operating on the Western Approaches and in the North Sea and taking part in the Norwegian Campaign in Spring 1940.He then transferred to the cruiser HMS Cumberland which took part in the Arctic convoys. He joined the staff of the gunnery division at the Admiralty in 1943 and, having been promoted to lieutenant commander on 1 April 1944, became gunnery officer on the battleship HMS Howe operating in the Eastern Fleet later that year. With HMS Howe he took part in the attack on the Sakishima Islands.

After the War he commanded a destroyer and then an aircraft carrier. He served as First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff and then Chief of the Defence Staff in early 1970s. In the latter role he gave the final commitment to Project Chevaline, the Polaris missile improvement programme. He went on to be Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.

Hill-Norton was made a life peer in 1979 and in the House of Lord took a keen interest in Unidentified Flying Objects, especially the Rendlesham Forest incident, becoming famous for asking uncomfortable questions.

This is a very fine signature (Hill-Norton A.F) in blue ink on a 3.5" x 2.25" white card. in excellent condition.