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Leslie (Hutch) Hutchinson

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Category: Music - Popular
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  Leslie (Hutch) Hutchinson

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Grenada-born cabaret singer, with enormous sex appeal and charm, a velvet voice and superb improvisation on the piano.

Hutch’s father played the organ in the local church on Grenada and Leslie learned it at an early age. He studied law in New York and earned extra money by singing and playing the piano in bars at night. By 1925 he had become a member of the Henry 'Broadway' Jones band, playing at Palm Beach, Miami and had made a couple of records.
In 1926 Hutch moved to Paris and soon made a name for himself at Joe Zelli's club. He was spotted there by impresario C. B. Cochrane, who booked him to play in the Rogers & Hart revue 'One Damn Thing After Another' at the London Pavilion. This opened in 1927 and he was an immediate hit.

Hutch later became the resident entertainer, and the darling of Society, at Quaglino's, one of London's top cabaret nightspots. Immaculate in white tie and tails, he attracted legions of fans, including the then Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII).
Hutch was regularly heard on air with the BBC and his records were very popular; one of his greatest hits was "These Foolish Things".

He had a scandalous private life and he slept with just about everyone of repute in the period, including Tallulah Bankhead, Cole Porter (yes!), Merle Oberon and Edwina Mountbatten.

After the Second World War, when his style of crooning fell out of fashion, Hutch was increasingly forced onto the road and into seedy venues. He took to heavy drinking and his health began to fail. By the 1960s he was leading a hand-to-mouth existence. When he died only 30 people attended his funeral.

This is a very fine signature and date ("Hutch", 1940) in ink on a 4.5" x 3.75" album page. In very good condition.