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Frederic Leighton

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Category: Art
Reference No: 8737
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Price: £50.00
  Frederic Leighton

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Great English painter.

Leighton enjoyed enormous success from 1855 when a painting was purchased by Queen Victoria. Several of his paintings (such as Wedded, 1852) became mass bestsellers in photogravure reproduction and were displayed over countless Victorian fireplaces.

Leighton’s last words (he was raised to the peerage just before he died) were “Give my love to the (Royal) Academy”.

This is a fine one-page letter on headed notepaper (2 Holland Park Road, Kensington, W., no date), handwritten and signed in ink. It reads (in full):

Many thanks for your amiable note - I am glad you told the King of Sweden (whom I know slightly) that I had tried to serve him.
You have had no sinecure!
Sincerely yours

One horizontal correspondence fold. In good condition.