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Hamish Mahaddie

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  Hamish Mahaddie

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Distinguished RAF officer, bomber pilot and chief recruiting officer for the elite Pathfinder Squadron.

Mahaddie, while out in the Middle East, acquired an Arabian horse that he called “Hamish”. His fellow pilots noticed a strong resemblance to his animal and gave him the nickname “Hamish”, which stuck (his first name was actually Thomas).

A bomber pilot between 1939 and 1940, Mahaddie joined the elite Pathfinder force in 1942, and by 1943 he was given the job of recruiting for it.

He became known as the Horsethief for the Pathfinders – base commanders hated his visits to give talks to aircrew. He made it his business to study bombing photographs to pick out the best pilots and then try to recruit them for the Pathfinders.

Following the war, Mahaddie became a consultant to the film industry, earning credits in films such as 633 Squadron, Operation Crossbow, Battle of Britain and the James Bond film You Only Live Twice.

This is a fine one-page letter on headed notepaper (3rd December 1991) to John Carter of the Victory Services Club in London, thanking him for a kind letter and "your embarrassing remarks about my presentation" at the club. Mahaddie had apparently had to cut it short "in deference to the Chef and his staff" and promised to do better next time. There's a bold signature ("Yours Aye, Hamish") at the conclusion.
In very good condition.