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Rose Fyleman

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Category: Literature
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Hugely successful English children's writer, remembered primarily for her poems about fairies.

Fyleman began writing as a girl, creating poems and rhymes for family gatherings. She initially studied to become a teacher but left university to study singing in Berlin, Paris, and London, where in 1903 she made her professional singing debut. While performing and giving voice lessons in London, she began to write poetry.

Fyleman did not begin writing seriously until her poem Fairies at the Bottom of Our Garden was published in Punch magazine in 1917. The immense response from the public prompted Fyleman to submit several other fairy poems. Her verses enjoyed tremendous success among readers and her first collection Fairies and Chimneys (1918) was reprinted more than twenty times over the next decade. The success of this book allowed Fyleman to give up her job as an assistant in her sister's elementary school to become a full-time writer. Her subsequent collections of fairy verse include The Fairy Green (1919), The Fairy Flute (1921), and Fairies and Friends (1925).

In addition to her fairy poems, Fyleman wrote plays and fiction for children. Her plays were published in such collections as Eight Little Plays for Children (1924) and Nine New Plays for Children (1934), and her stories appeared in Forty Goodnight Tales (1923), The Adventure Club (1925), and other books. Her other collections of verse include A Princess Comes to Our Town (1927) and Fifty-One New Nursery Rhymes (1931).

In 1923 Fyleman founded the children's magazine Merry-Go-Round, which she then edited. She also wrote information books and opera librettos.

This is a fine collection of six handwritten and signed letters to the poet May Belben. Five are on headed notepaper (from a variety of addresses in London, Nottingham and Washington in the USA). One is on The Merry Go Round headed notepaper. Only one of the letters is dated with a year (1926) but it is believed they span a period to 1930.

Fyleman writes to thank Mrs Belben for various new books she has been sent, comments favourably on two of her poems, The Robin and The New Hoop and tells her "your verses are still filled with that charming feeling for beauty - in nature and in man - the characteristic of all your books".

In the letter from Washington she tells Mrs Melben she is in America "lecturing and speaking"

All the letters are in very good condition.