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Randolph Sutton

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Category: Music Hall
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  Randolph Sutton

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Great Music Hall singer.

Sutton made his stage debut in 1913 in Blackpool and became a prolific recording artist in the late 1920s and 1930s

His best-known song was "On Mother Kelly's Doorstep", though oddly enough this was never recorded commercially. The versions now available are all private recordings, subsequently released on commercial compilations (one was recorded as late as January 1969, shortly before his death the following month.)

Danny La Rue released a version of Mother Kelly’s Doorstep in 1968 and soon adopted this as his theme song.

This is a very fine, very early vintage sepia photograph (a little larger than 8" x 6") of the young Randolph Sutton, nicely signed and inscribed ("To 'Babs' with sincere wishes, Randolph Sutton") in blue fountain pen ink. In very good condition.