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Nervo & Knox

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Category: Music Hall
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   Nervo & Knox

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Jimmy Nervo (1897-1975) and Teddy Knox (1896-1974)

English comedy duo.

Jimmy came from a circus family and started performing in the Big Top at an early age. By the time he was eight, he was in a high wire act with his brothers. He started performing in Music Hall as a juggler when he was sixteen, using the name Jimmy Nervo (his real name was James Hollaway).

Teddy also started his career as a juggler, working with his brother under the stage name of The Cromwells.

Given their backgrounds, it isn’t surprising that their act as a duo was highly physical, and they actually began as an acrobatic dancing team

They later formed part of the Crazy Gang, which was essentially a combination of three comedy double acts - Bud Flanagan and Chesney Allen, Charlie Naughton and Jimmy Gold and Nervo and Knox, augmented occasionally by Eddie Grey.

The Crazy Gang format first appeared in 1931, when George Black booked them for the London Palladium for a show called Crazy Week. The name Crazy Gang only appeared in 1937. They became hugely popular during the war years and were a favourite of the royal family, especially King George VI.

This is a very fine, very early vintage glossy sepia photograph (6.5" x 5"), nicely signed by both and inscribed ("To Babs, with all good wishes, Jimmy Nervo Teddy Knox") in blue fountain pen ink across a clear area of the image. In very good condition.