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Ernie Mayne

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Category: Music Hall
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  Ernie Mayne

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Corpulent British comic singer whose song repertoire betrayed his fondness for food.

Mayne began on the halls in 1892 and by the turn of the century was a moderately successful provincial performer. He made his London debut in 1903 when he first appeared at the Tivoli and about the same time began a long career as a comedian in pantomime.
Mayne’s songs include delightful titles such as "You Can’t Get Many Pimples on a Pound of Pickled Pork" and "I Can’t Do My Bally Bottom Button Up" (probably his best known song, introduced in 1916).

He retired in the late 1920s but soon returned to the stage, touring in his own
road shows. He also appeared in music hall nostalgia shows.

Mayne died aged 66 in 1937 after an appendix operation .

Interestingly Mayne was probably the first comic singer to broadcast on radio - in Oct 1922 - when he sang his song "Wireless On The Brain".

This is an early vintage sepia postcard, boldly signed ("Simply Yours, Ernie Mayne") in black ink across the image. Lighterweight card. Album residue remains to the reverse and  a mild top right corner crease but in good overall condition.