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Enoch Powell

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Category: Politics
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  Enoch Powell

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Controversial Conservative politician.

Powell, a genuine intellectual, entered Parliament as MP for Wolverhampton in 1950 and remained in this constituency until 1974. He held many high offices, including Minister of Health but was constantly at war with his fellow party members, resigning twice from office over policy.

Powell’s famous “Rivers of Blood” speech (about the dangers of immigration) was delivered in 1968.

He returned to Parliament in 1974 as an Ulster Unionist and remained in this party until his defeat in the 1987 General Election.

This is a fine letter, typed on an 8" x 6" sheet of House of Commons notepaper (23.9.72), thanking a correspondent for a letter ("I much appreciated your writing to me as you did"). There's an excellent signature in blue fountain pen ink at the conclusion. One horizontal correspondence fold. In very good condition.