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Judith Anderson

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Category: Entertainment
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  Judith Anderson

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Australian-born actress, for nearly 70 years one of the foremost Shakespearean actresses of the stage.

In films, she was typecast as Cruella DeVil, constantly given unsympathetic roles on the basis of her hard, cruel facial features. She made her first film appearance as an incongruously sexy temptress in Blood Money (1933) and seven years later she starred in her most famous screen role, the obsessed housekeeper Mrs. Danvers in Rebecca (1940).  Later parts include the New York society dragon who "keeps" weak-willed Vincent Price in Laura (1944), the sinister wife of tormented farmer Edward G. Robinson in The Red House (1948), the imperious Queen Herodias in Salome (1953) and the wicked stepmother of Jerry Lewis in Cinderfella (1960). Some of Anderson's later film roles allowed her a little audience empathy, notably the aged Sioux Indian matriarch in A Man Called Horse (1970) and the High Priestess of the Vulcans in Star Trek IV: The Search for Spock (1984).

This is a very early vintage glossy sepia photograph (8" x 10") by Vandamm Studio of New York, signed across the image in blue fountain pen ink. There's a pencilled collector's note to the reverse indicating that the signature was obtained when Judith Anderson was starring in the musical Come of Age (written by Clemence Dane, with music by Richard Addinsell) on Friday 12th 1934 at Maxine Elliott's Theatre on Broadway. The photographer has added a Jan 7 1934 date stamp to the reverse ( a subsequent, later collector's note, suggesting that the play was The Firebird, a 1932 play, is incorrect). The signature runs into a dark area of the image, reducing the readability of the last three letters of her surname. Overall condition is good.