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Neile Adams

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Category: Entertainment
Reference No: 9953
Status: Available
Price: £30.00
  Neile Adams

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American actress, singer and dancer.

Although a talented performer in her own right, Adams’ main claim to fame is that from November 2nd 1956 until April 26th 1972 she was married to Steve McQueen. When they first met, Neile was the big star and Steve was a nobody. However, she gave up her career to have children and together they worked on Steve's career. By the late 1960's, McQueen was the biggest star in the world.

As Steve himself later said, about their divorce settlement, "she deserves every penny, for without my old lady, there wouldn't have been any of it in the first place".

This is a very pretty black and white portrait (8" x 10"), nicely signed in dark blue fountain pen ink across a clear area of the image. In mint condition.