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Reizenstein, Franz   (1911-1968)
Reizenstein, Franz German-born British composer and concert pianist, remembered for two great crowd-pleasing comedy compositions,Concerto Popolare (1956) and his Variations on "The Lambeth Walk" (1938); he also composed excellent orchestral scores for the Hammer horror film The Mummy (1959) and the cult British horror film Circus of Horrors (1960).
A fine letter, handwritten and signed in blue ink on a 7" x 5.25" sheet of headed notepaper (29.4.63). Reizenstein cancels a student's lesson, mentioning the "sudden passing of my dear friend Christopher Hassall *, who wrote libretti for my choral works and my radio opera". He goes on to say that he wants to be present at the memorial service for Hassall in Canterbury Cathedral. SCARCE.

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ref:10620  £30.00
Moiseiwitsch, Benno   (1890-1963)
Moiseiwitsch, Benno Ukrainian-born pianist, noted for his elegance, poetry, lyrical phrasing, brilliance, and virtuosity.
A very fine signature in blue ink on a vintage album page (4.5" x 2.75").

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ref:10458  £15.00
Davis, Carl (and Alfie Boe)   (1936- )
Davis, Carl (and Alfie Boe) American composer and conductor who has been living in the UK since 1961.
A fine programme(8.25" x 6") for a concert in the Hallé Promenade season at the Bridegwater Hall in Manchester on the 11th of July in 2009, The concert was entitled La Passione - A Night with Alfie Boe, with Carl Davis conducting. Davis has added a big, bold signature in black ink over his biography page, as has tenor Alfie Boe (b.1973).

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ref:10454  £15.00
Van Biene, Auguste   (1849-1913)
Van Biene, Auguste Dutch composer, cellist and actor, best known for his composition The Broken Melody (1892).
A rare early vintage glossy sepia Rotary postcard, signed across a clear area of the image in blue fountain pen ink.
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ref:10451  £40.00
Iturbi, Jose   (1895-1980)
Iturbi, Jose Temperamental Spanish pianist and conductor who, at his peak, enjoyed an almost pop star-like status and became the only classical artist of his day to win two gold records, with huge associated royalties.
A very fine signature and date (1957) in dark blue ink on a 4.75" x 2.75" album page.

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ref:10401  £20.00
Tavener, John   (1944-2013)
Tavener, John Prolific British composer, most famous for the haunting Song for Athene, performed at Princess Diana’s funeral.
A programme for a concert of classical music by the King's Singers and the Nash Ensemble at the Madeley College of Education in Staffordshire on the 11th February 1975. The conductor was John Tavener. The front cover has been signed in blue ink by Tavener and by Alastair Hume, Alastair Thompson, Anthony Hope and Brian Kay.
Although there are some late photographs with highly stylised signatures to be found (these were produced to meet the demands of fans following Diana's funeral), early signed John Tavener material like this is very rare.

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ref:10301  £50.00
Coates, Eric   (1886-1957)
Coates, Eric Great English composer of light music.
A rare typed and ink-signed letter on an 8" x 5" sheet of headed notepaper (39 Hill Street. London W1 December 21st 1953), to a man who has enjoyed his autobiography Suite in Four Movements, which had been published that year
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ref:10202  £75.00
Hess, Myra   (1890-1966)
Hess, Myra Great British concert pianist and musical heroine of the Blitz.
A very fine black and white photograph (6" x 4"), nicely signed in dark blue fountain pen ink to the lower white panel.
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ref:10118  £50.00
Beecham, Thomas   (1979-1961)
Beecham, Thomas Great British conductor.
A superb matt-finish sepia photograph (8" x 5.75") of the young Thomas Beecham by The Dover Street Studios, neatly signed in black fountain pen ink beneath the image. RARE.
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ref:10100  £125.00
Butt, Clara   (1872- 1936)
Butt, Clara Great English contralto, described as “The Voice of the Century”.
A fine vintage sepia Rotary postcard of "Clara Butt & Baby", boldly signed ("Clara Butt-Rumford") in dark blue ink across the image.
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ref:10096  £45.00
Carosio, Margherita   (1908-2005)
Carosio, Margherita One of the great Italian operatic sopranos of the 1930s and 1940s, when she attracted attention almost as much for her good looks as her voice; remembered today as the singer who inadvertently launched Maria Callas on her international operatic career when, in 1949, she was forced by illness to cancel a series of performances of Bellini’s I Puritani at the La Fenice opera house in Venice.
A very pretty vintage black and white Italian postcard (5.5" x 3.5"), signed, inscribed and dated ( "To Richard Lorimer, sincerely, Margerita Carosio, 2/5/51") in blue ink across the image.
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ref:10097  £40.00
Lunn, Louise Kirkby   (1873-1930)
Lunn, Louise Kirkby Great English contralto, nearly always referred to simply as Kirkby Lunn.
A very fine vintage sepia Britkopf & Hartel postcard, nicely signed in dark blue ink across the image. A pencilled collector's note to the reverse indicates it was received on the 2nd March, 1909.
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ref:10098  £25.00
de los Angeles, Victoria   (1923-2005)
de los Angeles, Victoria
Great Spanish operatic lyric coloratura soprano and recitalist whose career began after the 
Second World War and reached its height in the years from the mid-1950s to the
A very fine vintage black and white Fayer photograph (5.5" x 3.5"), nicely signed and
inscribed in blue fountain pen ink across the lower part of the image.

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ref:10068  £40.00
Downes, Edward ( and Barry Tuckwell)   (1924-2009)
Downes, Edward ( and Barry Tuckwell) English conductor, specialising in opera, whose assisted suicide at the Dignitas Clinic in Switzerland on 10 July, 2009, received major international media coverage.
A fine programme for a concert by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra at the Victoria Hall in Hanley on the 8th October, 1987. Sir Edward Downes, the conductor, has added a bold signature in blue ink to an inner biography page, as has the soloist, Australian-born horn player, Barry Tuckwell (b.1931), there for Richard Strauss's 2nd Concerto for Horn and Orchestra.
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ref:10047  £20.00
Menuhin, Yehudi   (1916-1999)
Menuhin, Yehudi Great New York-born British violinist.
A very fine colour EMI publicity photograph (6" x 4"), nicely signed in blue ink to the lower white panel.
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ref:9727  £30.00
Coates, Eric   (1886-1957)
Coates, Eric Great English composer of light music.
A fine signature in blue fountain pen ink on a vintage album page (5.25" x 3.25").
Perfect for display mounting.

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ref:9677  £50.00
Ketelbey, Albert   (1875-1959)
Ketelbey, Albert British composer, whose colourful descriptive compositions such as In a Persian Market, In a Chinese Temple Garden, and In a Monastery Garden were hugely popular with theatre orchestras and in sheet music form.
A bold signature in blue fountain pen ink on a vintage 1940s album page (4.5" x 3.5").
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ref:9678  £25.00
Menuhin, Yehudi   (1916-1999)
Menuhin, Yehudi Great New York-born British violinist.
A very fine typed letter on an 11.75" x 8" sheet of headed notepaper (Sym Music Company Limted, 110 Gloucester Avenue, London NW1 8JA, 31st January 1994) - a kind letter thanking a fan who has taken the trouble to send details of his autograph collection and gladly letting him have his own signature, a big, bold one in black ink at the bottom of the letter.

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ref:9551  £18.00
Menuhin, Yehudi   (1916-1999)
Menuhin, Yehudi Great New York-born British violinist.
A very fine colour postcard of the National Portrait Gallery's oil on canvas of Menuhin by Myfanwy Pavelic, boldly signed and dated (1997) by the violinist in black ink across the image.
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ref:9552  £25.00
McCabe, John   (1939-2015)
McCabe, John Prolific British composer.
McCabe was a good friend.of the American film composer, Bernard Herrmann, and received great encouragement from him when he was trying to establish himself as a composer. His 1967 composition, Fantasy on a Theme of Liszt, is dedicated to Bernard Herrmann. This is a Novello score (12" x 9.5") for that work, which came from the personal library of Herrmann (this was sold in its entirety by his widow, Norma, a few years ago). Inside, at the top of the first page is a signature and dedication to Bernard Herrmann ("For Benny, with much affection, John") in black ink. Clearly, VERY RARE!

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ref:9479  £75.00
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