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Barrie, J.M.   (1860-1936)
Barrie, J.M. Scotttish novelist and playwright, best remembered for his creation of the immortal  Peter Pan in 1901.
A fine 2-page letter, handwritten and signed in ink on a 7" x 5.25" sheet of headed notepaper (Adelphi Terrace House,, Strand W.C., 22 March, no year)  with two direct references to Peter Pan.

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ref:10229  £350.00
Burgess, Anthony   (1917-1993)
Burgess, Anthony Prolific British author, most famous for his eighth book, A Clockwork Orange (1962).
A fine black and white photograph (6.5" x 4.75"), neatly signed and dated (19.10.92) in dark blue fountain pen ink to a clear area of the image.
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ref:10117  £50.00
Maugham, W.Somerset   (1874-1965)
Maugham, W.Somerset Great British novelist and playwright.
A hardback copy of Heinemann's 1949 Collected Edition of The Razor's Edge, nicely signed and inscribed ("For Joy, W.Somerset Maugham") in dark blue fountain pen ink across the first free end paper.
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ref:9989  £85.00
Loos, Anita   (1893-1981)
Loos, Anita American screenwriter, most famous for her 1925 novel, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, made into a great screen musical starring Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell in 1953.
A very fine black and white photograph (8" x 10"), neatly signed across a clear area of the image in black ink.
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ref:9749  £60.00
Kipling, Rudyard   (1865-1936)
Kipling, Rudyard Bombay-born English poet and novelist.
A very fine signature in dark blue fountain pen ink on a vintage album page (4.25" x 3.25").

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ref:9737  £125.00
Golding, William   (1911-1993)
Golding, William British novelist, poet and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1983, most famous for his 1954 classic of English literature, Lord of the Flies.
A very fine hardback first edition copy of his 1984 novel The Paper Men (Faber & Faber Limited), boldly signed in blue ink on the main title page.

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ref:9456  £50.00
Cullum, Ridgwell   (1867-1943)
Cullum, Ridgwell British adventurer and writer, whose output of rattling good adventure yarns, set in the wilds of America and Canada, was comparable to that of Zane Grey.
A very fine signature and date (1940) in dark blue fountain pen ink on a 4.5" x 1.5" slip of paper. RARE.

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ref:9448  £20.00
Blunden, Edmund   (1896-1974)
Blunden, Edmund English author and critic, now remembered as one of the great poets of the First World War (he is one of the 16 war poets commemorated on a slate stone unveiled in Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey on 11 November 1985).
From 1924 to 1927 Blunden had been Professor of English at the University of Tokyo. He returned to Japan in 1947 as a member of the British liaison mission in Tokyo, remaining there until 1950. This is a fine letter sent from Tokyo in 1948.
On a 7.5" x 4.5" sheet of notepaper, headed with a Foreign Office blindstamped seal (Tokyo, c/o Foreign Office London, SW1, March 14, 1948), Blunden writes in ink to the poet Francis Berry (1915-2006) , thanking him for a copy of a new book of poems.
(The book was "Murdock and Other Poems", published in 1947).
It's a kind and encouraging letter

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ref:9429  £50.00
McBain, Ed   (1926-2005)
McBain, Ed Hugely popular American writer of police novels.
A fine signature in black ink on a 6" x 4" white card. The signature was obtained in person when he was appearing on the Wogan show in London on the 16th June 1986.

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ref:9419  £15.00
Osborne, John   (1929-1994)
Osborne, John British playwright and actor.
n unusual item - an 8.25" x 3" piece cut from a contract licensing the production of one of his plays, signed in ink by John Osborne  and by his fifth and final wife, Helen Dawson (1939-2004), whom he married in 1978
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ref:9420  £12.00
Riddell, Charlotte   (1832-1906)
Riddell, Charlotte Belfast-born author, one of the most popular and influential writers of the Victorian period, now chiefly remembered for her ghost stories, some of the best ever written and easily comparable with those of Sheridan le Fanu and Bram Stoker.
A 4.5" x 2" ink-signed piece, cut from the bottom of a letter, subsequently mounted to card and then trimmed to the current size. VERY RARE.

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ref:9417  £40.00
Duncan, Ronald   (1914-1982)
Duncan, Ronald Rhodesian-born writer, poet and playwright, now best known for preparing the libretto for Benjamin Britten's opera The Rape of Lucretia, first performed in 1946.
An interesting philosophical quotation on revenge, signed and dated (1980) in black ink on an 8" x 7.5" sheet of notepaper.

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ref:9389  £20.00
Belloc, Hillaire   (1870-1953)
Belloc, Hillaire Larger-than-life Anglo-French writer, especially remembered for his light verse, of which Cautionary Tales for Children is easily the most popular.
A fine typed letter on an 8" x10" sheet of headed mourning notepaper (Kings Land, Shipley, Horsham, Sept.19th, 1918) to a fan who has asked whether he would sign a book ("Yes, by all means. Get any one of my books you like and send it to me and I will autograph it and send it back. I have none of my own here to spare, only the file copies.")

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ref:9338  £50.00
Haggard, Rider   (1856-1925)
Haggard, Rider Great English novelist, remembered for his excellent adventure stories, especially King Solomon's Mines and She.
A pre-stamped Victorian postcard, sent from his house in Ditchingham, Bungay in Suffolk on August 20th 1890 to a Mr Glaisher, a bookseller on The Strand in London. It's a short signed note from Haggard in ink, asking Glaisher to send him a copy of Leo Tolstoy's novella  The Kreutzer Sonata. (This was published in 1889 and promptly banned by the Russian authorities.)

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ref:9336  £60.00
Maugham, W.Somerset   (1874-1965)
Maugham, W.Somerset British novelist and playwright.
hardback first edition copy of his short story, The Book-Bag, published by G.Orioli in Florence in 1932. This is No.60 in a limited edition of 725 copies, printed on hand-made paper. (The short story was published as a private edition because Maugham's publisher at Cosmopolitan Magazine didn't like its theme of incest - it's a tangled love story of four people, two of whom are siblings).
The nicest thing about this book is the frontispiece - a
photograph by Kollar of the J. Davidson bust of Maugham. In excellent condition, this is beautifully signed by the author in blue fountain pen ink and is one of the best examples of his signature I've seen.
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ref:9326  £150.00
Baring-Gould, Sabine   (1834-1924)
Baring-Gould, Sabine Anglican priest and writer, mainly remembered for writing the words of the hymn Onward, Christian Soldiers in 1865 (this was set to music by Arthur Sullivan in 1871).
An important 2-page letter on headed notepaper (Lew Tenchard, N.Devon, Sept 12, 1885), handwritten in purple ink, in which Baring-Gould writes to a reader who has asked him to explain his motivation "in writing such a horrible story as Mehalah". He does so (sort of), and goes on to explain his motivation in writing John Herring.
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ref:9283  £125.00
Maugham, W.Somerset   (1874-1965)
Maugham, W.Somerset British novelist and playwright.
rare vintage black and white photograph (a little larger than 6.5" x 4"), signed and inscribed in ink across the lower white panel.
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ref:9259  £125.00
Fyleman, Rose   (1877-1957)
Fyleman, Rose Hugely successful English children's writer, remembered primarily for her poems about fairies, especially Fairies at the Bottom of Our Garden (1917).
A fine collection of six handwritten and signed letters to the poet May Belben. Five are on headed notepaper, from a variety of addresses in London, Nottingham and Washington (USA). One is on The Merry Go Round headed notepaper. Only one of the letters is dated with a year (1926) but it is believed they span a period to 1930.

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ref:9146  £125.00
Brahms, Caryl   (1901-1982)
Brahms, Caryl Prolific English poet, novelist and playwright who had a very successful partnership in later life with writer and broadcaster Ned Sherrin.
A listing of two rare items, a charming handwritten and ink-signed very early (1930) letter to a fan and a handwritten and signed copy of one of her children's poems ("Awful Thought") the fan has requested.
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ref:9063  £30.00
O'Hara, John   (1905-1970)
O'Hara, John Great American writer, author of Appointment in Samarra, Butterfield 8 and Pal Joey.
A very fine signature in dark blue ink on a vintage album page (5.5" x 3.5"). Scarce.
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ref:9055  £20.00
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