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Richards, Gordon   (1904-1986)
Richards, Gordon Great English jockey.
A very fine signature in ink on a vintage album page (4.5" x 4").
Perfect for display mounting.

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ref:10610  £15.00
Morgan, Patti   (1928-20010
Morgan, Patti Lovely Australian-born model and actress, with an absolutely extraordinary private life.
A very fine vintage 1940s album page, boldly signed in blue ink.
The signature comes with an original UNSIGNED black and white press photograph, showing the lovely 21-year old Patti outside the church after her wedding to Victor Sylvester Jr in 1949 (the marriage ended in divorce in 1957).
Both items are RARE.

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ref:10571  £20.00
Freeling, Francis   (1764-1836)
Freeling, Francis Great British postal reformer who became the Secretary of H.M.General Post Office.
A very fine letter, handwritten and signed in ink on a 9" x 7" sheet of notepaper (General Post Office 1830), to a man who appears to have been an early autograph collector.

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ref:10568  £30.00
Pease, Joseph   (1799-1872)
Pease, Joseph Great British railway pioneer and industrialist and the first Quaker Member of Parliament.
A very fine letter, handwritten in ink  in the third person on a 9" x 7" sheet of notepaper (Southend, 1833) in which Joseph Pease offers some cryptic homespun wisdom

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ref:10567  £40.00
Jowett, Benjamin   (1817-1893)
Jowett, Benjamin English scholar and theologian, master of Balliol College, Oxford; a good friend of Florence Nightingale.
A neat letter, handwritten and signed in ink on a 7" x 4" sheet of notepaper (Oxford, May 20, no year) to a Mr Davey, inviting him and his wife to Oxford to meet Lord Coleridge and the Fawcetts (Henry and Millicent Fawcett).

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ref:10566  £30.00
Oosthout, Nel   (1902-2001)
Oosthout, Nel Dutch actress whose show business career was dwarfed in importance by her courage in helping Jewish fugitives during the German occupation. For this she was named as Righteous Among The Nations in 1977 by Yad Vashem.
An early vintage sepia photograph (5.5" x 3.5"), signed and dated (Sept 1956) across the image in blue fountain pen ink. RARE.

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ref:10548  £25.00
Nares, George Strong   (1831-1915)
Nares, George Strong

British naval officer, famous for his command of two great back-to-back voyages of great scientific exploration and discovery - the Challenger Expedition and the British Arctic Expedition.
A very fine signature ("Yours sincerely, G.S.Nares") in black fountain pen ink on a 4" x 3" slip of paper. SCARCE.

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ref:10485  £30.00
Wolstenholme, Kenneth (and Elton Hayes)   (1920-2002)
Wolstenholme, Kenneth (and Elton Hayes)

English football commentator for BBC television in the 1950s and 1960s,  most famous for his commentary during the 1966 FIFA World Cup which included the immortal phrase "some people are on the pitch...they think it's all over....it is now!" as Geoff Hurst scored England's fourth goal.
A very fine signature in blue ink on a vintage 1950s album page.
To the reverse is the rare signature, also in ink, of British singer and guitarist, Elton Hayes.

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ref:10483  £25.00
Wiseman, Cardinal Nicholas   (1802-1865)
Wiseman, Cardinal Nicholas Spanish-born British cardinal, the first resident in England since the Reformation, the first Archbishop of Westminster and one of the chief architects of the 19th-century revival of Roman Catholicism in England.
A very fine signature ("London June 9, 1854, N.Card.Wiseman") in ink on a  4.5" x 3" slip of paper.

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ref:10453  £20.00
Dean, Millvina   (1912-2009)
Dean, Millvina British survivor of RMS Titantic, the youngest person on board.
A very fine modern black and white reproduction (8" x 10") of RMS Titanic. neatly signed to a clear area of the image in black ink. (The photograph comes with a small candid photograph of Millvina Dean at the signing.)

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ref:10440  £50.00
Mitchell, Leslie   (1905-1985)
Mitchell, Leslie Iconic British announcer.
An interesting letter, handwritten and signed in blue ink on a personal correspondence card (16.12.1982) to a lady named Deborah, together with a 5.25" x 3.25 inch black and white photograph, signed and inscribed ("To Deborah, Wishing you a happy Xmas and 1983, Leslie Mitchell") and a signature to the reverse of thr original correspondence envelope. Three items.

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ref:10358  £18.00
Ballard, Robert   (1942- )
Ballard, Robert Retired United States Navy officer and a professor of oceanography at the University of Rhode Island, most famous for his discovery of the wreck of the RMS Titanic in 1985.
A fine colour photograph (6" x 4"), signed to a clear area of the image in dark blue ink.
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ref:10267  £25.00
Hill, Graham   (1929-1975)
Hill, Graham British racing driver who was twice Formula One World Champion.
A very fine Embassy Racing colour photograph (6" x 4.25"). nicely signed and inscribed ("To James, Best Wishes, Graham Hill") in ink across the image.
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ref:10124  £150.00
Tyndall, John   (1820-1893)
Tyndall, John Great Irish-born scientist, by the mid-1860s, Tyndall was one of the world's most famous living physicists.
A very fine 2-page letter, handwritten and signed in black fountain pen ink on blindstamped Royal Institution notepaper (24th January '84), declining an invitation
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ref:10036  £30.00
Rutherford, Ernest   (1871-1937)
Rutherford, Ernest New Zealand-born British physicist, the first man to split the atom and regarded as the father of nuclear physics; winner of the Nobel prize in 1908.
An exceptionally rare vintage sepia photograph (11.75" x 9.25") , signed across the image ("E.Rutherford") in dark blue fountain pen ink.

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ref:9477  £350.00
Keeler, Christine   (1942- )
Keeler, Christine British model and call girl.
very fine hardback first edition copy of her 2001 autobiography The Truth At Last (Sidgwick & Jackson), nicely signed in blue ink to the main title page.
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ref:9447  £125.00
Wallace, George C.   (1919-1998)
Wallace, George C. American politician, the notorious Governor of Alabama from 1963-1967, 1971-1979 and 1983-1987 and the leading opponent of integration in the United States in the 1960s, declaring: "Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever."
An excellent embossed coat of arms of the State of Alabama on 9" x 5.5" cream card, nicely signed in black ink by Wallace.

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ref:9404  £25.00
Lodge, Oliver   (1851-1940)
Lodge, Oliver Great British physicist and inventor (his many inventions include the spark plug).
A fine typed and signed letter on a 9" x 7" sheet of headed notepaper (Normanton House, Lake, Salisbury, 18th April 1925) to the editor of the Daily Express, R.D.Blumenfeld

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ref:9378  £40.00
Lipton, Thomas   (1848-1931)
Lipton, Thomas Great Scottish-born grocer, tea merchant and yachtsman, a self-made multimillionaire.
A fine typed letter on an 8" x 10" sheet of headed notepaper (Osidge, Southgate, Middlesex. 30th September 1926) to a doctor, sending a cheque for 13 guiness for services rendered. Lipton adds "I am glad to say that as a result of your work I am feeling greatly benefited and am now pretty well rid of the pain". There's a strong signature in ink at the conclusion.

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ref:9371  £75.00
Newton, Alfred   (1829-1907)
Newton, Alfred English zoologist, the greatest ornithologist of his day.
A fine 2-page letter, handwritten in ink on headed notepaper (Riddlesworth Hall, Thetford, 21 April, 1879) to Norman Moore (1847-1922)
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ref:9189  £30.00
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