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Reeve, Ada   (1874-1966)
Reeve, Ada

British music hall star, a “singing comedienne”; one of the first stars of the newly evolved theatrical form, musical comedy. 

A lovely vintage sepia BEAGLES postcard, nicely signed across the image in blue fountain pen ink in the early 1900s.

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ref:2512  £15.00
Robey, George   (1869-1954)
Robey, George Great English music hall star comedian, billed as "The Prime Minister of Mirth".
fine Gallery First Nighters" Club Dinner Menu in honour of George Robey at the Criterion Restaurant in London on November 24th  1935.  The menu (4 pages of sepia card, approximately 7.5" x 5.5") has a good George Robey image on its cover, with a fine signature in black fountain pen ink. Unusual.

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ref:8069  £15.00
Stratton, Eugene   (1861-1918)
Stratton, Eugene
American-born music hall minstrel star, long in Britain.
A very fine vintage sepia Rotary postcard, nicely signed in black fountain pen ink to the clear lower border. RARE.

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ref:2306  £25.00
Sutton, Randolph   (1888-1969)
Sutton, Randolph Great Music Hall singer, most famous for his song On Mother Kelly's Doorstep.
A very fine, very early vintage sepia photograph (a little larger than 8" x 6") of the young Randolph Sutton, nicely signed and inscribed ("To 'Babs' with sincere wishes, Randolph Sutton") in blue fountain pen ink.

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ref:9306  £20.00
Tate, Harry   (1872-1940)
Tate, Harry Great British music hall star.
A rare signed and inscribed black and white publicity photograph (8" x 6"), as Mr Biggs in the 1935 film Midshipman Easy
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ref:3617  £20.00
The Great Coram (and Ella Retford),   (1883-1937)
The Great Coram (and Ella Retford), British ventriloquist, one of the greatest innovators of all time.
A fine vintage album page (4.25" x 3.25"). signed and dated (Coram, 1927) in black fountain pen ink, and with three further ink signatures of music hall stars added at later dates - Ella Retford (in 1931), Freddie Forbes (signing across a glossy sepia 2.5" x 1.5" photograph) and Scottish comedian Jock McKay (whimsically adding his birth year, 1880).

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ref:8781  £15.00
Tilley, Vesta   (1864-1952)
Tilley, Vesta Legendary Music Hall male impersonator, the greatest of them all; stage name of Lady de Frece.
A very pretty vintage Ralph Dunn & Co sepia postcard of Vesta Tilley as herself, with a fine signature in black ink across the image.

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ref:10505  £20.00
Vivian, Mona   (1895-1971)
Vivian, Mona

Yorkshire-born music hall star and revue artiste, probably most famous for her work in pantomime.

A fine early vintage sepia postcard, with a Fielding of Leeds blindstamp, nicely signed in dark blue fountain pen ink across the image.

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ref:2793  £15.00
Williams, Bransby   (1870-1961)
Williams, Bransby London-born actor, known as "The Hamlet of the Halls".
A superb early sepia postcard - one of the nicest I've seen - beautifully signed across a clear area of the image in blue fountain pen ink.

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ref:6648  £15.00
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