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De Burgh, John Thomas   (1744-1808)
De Burgh, John Thomas

Irish nobleman and soldier, 13th and 1st Earl of Clanricarde

An extraordinary and important 4-page handwritten and signed letter in ink from a critical time in the war against Napoleon in the Mediterranean.

Written from his headquarters in Elba in February 1797 to Sir William Hamilton, British Ambassador to the Kingdom of Naples, it explains the circumstances of his decision NOT to evacuate the island.

Most interestingly, in addition to mentioning some of the greatest names of the Napoleonic Wars, including General Charles O’Hara (who had the unique distinction of having been captured by both George Washington and Napoleon himself) and Admiral Sir John Jervis, it refers three times to Nelson’s mistress, Emma Hamilton, wife of Sir William.

A fascinating and genuine piece of history as it was happening, of museum-grade quality and interest.

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ref:8911  £295.00
Drury-Lowe, Drury   (1830-1908)
Drury-Lowe, Drury British soldier who fought at the Battle of Ulundi (1879), the last pitched battle of the Zulu War.
A fine ink signature, cut from the bottom of a handwritten letter, on a piece measuring 4" x 2"

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ref:8616  £20.00
Edward of Saxe-Weimar, Prince   (1823-1902)
Edward of Saxe-Weimar, Prince British Field Marshal with Royal connections, who saw action in the Crimean War.
A fine signature cut from a letter, on a piece measuring 3.25" x 1".

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ref:8633  £10.00
Ernest Augustus, Prince   (1771-1851)
Ernest Augustus, Prince Fifth son of George III, Duke of Cumberland and King of Hanover.
A fine envelope panel, in his hand and signed in initials for free postage in ink to the lower left corner to George Jelf, a barrister in London.
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ref:8375  £35.00
Ernest Augustus, Prince   (1771-1851)
Ernest Augustus, Prince Fifth son of George III, Duke of Cumberland and King of Hanover.
An envelope panel, in his hand and signed for free postage ("Ernest") in ink to the lower left corner to Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle.

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ref:8374  £35.00
Etherton, P.T.   (1879-1963)
Etherton, P.T. British colonel and adventurer, whose life story reads like a rattling good Victorian yarn.
A fine ink signature ("P.T.Etherton, Mount Everest Flying Expedn. 1933") on a 4.25" x 3" slip of paper.

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ref:8608  £15.00
George, Prince   (1819-1904)
George, Prince British soldier, grandson of George III, cousin of Queen Victoria.
A fine signature and date (27.8.88) in ink, cut from the bottom of a letter on a piece measuring 4.5" x 2.25".

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ref:8612  £20.00
Gooden, Major Frank W.   (1891-1917)
Gooden, Major Frank W. British early airman and test pilot, killed at the age of 26 while flying a Royal Aircraft Factory prototype.
A very fine vintage sepia photograph (5.5" x 3.25"), nicely signed and dated (9.5.14) across the image in blue fountain pen ink. VERY RARE.

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ref:6802  £125.00
Gough, Hugh   (1779-1869)
Gough, Hugh Irish-born British Field Marshal, said to have commanded in more general actions than any British officer except the Duke of Wellington.
A fine ink signature ("Gough, General, Commander-in-Chief, East Indies"), cut from the bottom of a letter on a piece measuring 3.5" x 1.5".

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ref:8617  £20.00
Grant, James Hope   (1808-1875)
Grant, James Hope British General with a brilliantly successful battlefield record, described in the Flashman novels of George MacDonald Fraser as "the deadliest fighter alive".
A fine ink signature, cut from the bottom of a letter on a piece measuring 3.5" x 1.5". RARE.

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ref:8621  £25.00
Harris, Arthur "Bomber"   (1892-1984)
Harris, Arthur Marshal of the Royal Air Force, forever known as "Bomber Harris".
A very fine signature in blue ink on a 3" x 2.75" display piece featuring the Vickers Virginia bomber. (Arthur Harris in the 1920s was Commander of No.58 Squadron, equipped with this aircraft, at RAF Worthy Down in Hampshire),

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ref:9282  £50.00
Hart, Arthur Fitzroy   (1844-1910)
Hart, Arthur Fitzroy English soldier, with a distinguished career (including the opening battle of the Zulu War) marred by disastrous misjudgement at the Battle of Colenso in the Second Boer War.
A very fine signature in black ink on a 4.75" x 1.75" piece cut from the bottom of a letter.
Hart has added his location beneath his signature (Camp at Springfontein).
(Springfontein is the location for an infamous concentration camp, built during the Second Boer War. 568 people
of all ages are recorded in the Springfontein Grave Register as having died there between April 4th and December 31st 1901.)
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ref:8590  £50.00
Hill-Norton, Peter   (1915-2004)
Hill-Norton, Peter British Admiral of the Fleet who took a keen interest in UFOs in later years, asking the Government many uncomfortable questions as a member of the House of Lords.
A very fine signature (Hill-Norton A.F) in blue ink on a 3.5" x 2.25" white card.

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ref:8727  £10.00
Jane, Fred T.   (1865-1916)
Jane, Fred T. Extraordinary British founding editor of reference books on warships (All the World's Fighting Ships) and aircraft.
A letter, handwritten and signed in black fountain pen ink on a sheet of headed notepaper ("Fighting Ships", 17 Elphinstone Road, Souhsea. Portsmouth, no date), with excellent content,  mentioning two battleships built for the Imperial Japanese Navy in British yards.

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ref:7451  £95.00
Kelly-Kenny, Thomas   (1840-1914)
Kelly-Kenny, Thomas Irish-born soldier, with a distinguished service in the Second Boer War.
A fine ink signature, cut from a letter on a piece measuring 2.75" x 1.75".

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ref:8627  £15.00
Mahaddie, Hamish   (1911-1997)
Mahaddie, Hamish Distinguished RAF officer, bomber pilot and chief recruiting officer for the elite Pathfinder Squadron.
A fine one-page letter on headed notepaper (3rd December 1991) to John Carter of the Victory Services Club in London, thanking him for a kind letter and "your embarrassing remarks about my presentation" at the club. Mahaddie had apparently had to cut it short "in deference to the Chef and his staff" and promised to do better next time. There's a bold signature ("Yours Aye, Hamish") at the conclusion.

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ref:8939  £15.00
Mansfield, William Rose   (1819-1876)
Mansfield, William Rose British General who served in the Indian Mutiny and later became Commander-in- Chief in India between 1865 and 1870.
A fine ink signature cut from the bottom of a letter on a piece measuring 3.75" x 1.5".

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ref:8631  £10.00
Maskelyne, Jasper   (1902-1973)
Maskelyne, Jasper British magician, who never fired a shot in battle, but his amazing feats of deception played a key role in the Allied victory in North Africa.
very rare vintage photograph (10" x 6.5") of an elegantly dressed Jasper Maskelyne, signed across the image (""with every good wish, yours sincerely, Jasper Maskelyne") in dark blue fountain pen ink.
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ref:6778  £95.00
Methuen, Lord   (1845-1932)
Methuen, Lord British Field Marshal.
A fine ink signature cut from the bottom of a letter on a piece measuring 5" x 3.25".

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ref:8603  £15.00
Napier of Magdala, Robert   (1810-1890)
Napier of Magdala, Robert Indian Army Officer who achieved his greatest fame when he led the expedition of 1868 against Emperor Tewodros II of Ethiopia, defeating 9,000 troops at the Battle of Magdala for the loss of only 2 British lives.
A very fine 2-page letter, handwritten in ink (June 18 1888) to a Mr Thomas, thanking him for the "use" of a man called Cecil.

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ref:10500  £30.00
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