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Kelly-Kenny, Thomas   (1840-1914)
Kelly-Kenny, Thomas Irish-born soldier, with a distinguished service in the Second Boer War.
A fine ink signature, cut from a letter on a piece measuring 2.75" x 1.75".

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ref:8627  £15.00
Mahaddie, Hamish   (1911-1997)
Mahaddie, Hamish Distinguished RAF officer, bomber pilot and chief recruiting officer for the elite Pathfinder Squadron.
A fine one-page letter on headed notepaper (3rd December 1991) to John Carter of the Victory Services Club in London, thanking him for a kind letter and "your embarrassing remarks about my presentation" at the club. Mahaddie had apparently had to cut it short "in deference to the Chef and his staff" and promised to do better next time. There's a bold signature ("Yours Aye, Hamish") at the conclusion.

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ref:8939  £15.00
Mansfield, William Rose   (1819-1876)
Mansfield, William Rose British General who served in the Indian Mutiny and later became Commander-in- Chief in India between 1865 and 1870.
A fine ink signature cut from the bottom of a letter on a piece measuring 3.75" x 1.5".

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ref:8631  £10.00
Maskelyne, Jasper   (1902-1973)
Maskelyne, Jasper British magician, who never fired a shot in battle, but his amazing feats of deception played a key role in the Allied victory in North Africa.
very rare vintage photograph (10" x 6.5") of an elegantly dressed Jasper Maskelyne, signed across the image (""with every good wish, yours sincerely, Jasper Maskelyne") in dark blue fountain pen ink.
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ref:6778  £95.00
Methuen, Lord   (1845-1932)
Methuen, Lord British Field Marshal.
A fine ink signature cut from the bottom of a letter on a piece measuring 5" x 3.25".

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ref:8603  £15.00
Napier of Magdala, Robert   (1810-1890)
Napier of Magdala, Robert Indian Army Officer who achieved his greatest fame when he led the expedition of 1868 against Emperor Tewodros II of Ethiopia, defeating 9,000 troops at the Battle of Magdala for the loss of only 2 British lives.
A very fine 2-page letter, handwritten in ink (June 18 1888) to a Mr Thomas, thanking him for the "use" of a man called Cecil.

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ref:10500  £30.00
Nicholson, William   (1845-1918)
Nicholson, William British Field Marshal, who fought in the Second Afghan War, the Anglo-Egyptian War and the Second Boer War.
A very fine ink signature cut from a letter on a piece measuring 2.5" x 1.5".

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ref:8628  £15.00
Quill, Jeffrey   (1913-1996)
Quill, Jeffrey British airman, remembered as the Chief Test Pilot of the Spitfire.
Two very fine letters, handwritten in blue fountain pen ink on letterheaded paper (Ty Cerrig, Corwen, Clywyd, North Wales), one dated December 19th 1984, the other January 4th 1985.
Sent to John Carter of the Victory Services Club in London, both relate to an invitation to a lunch for the "48th Pilots course", which he is looking forward to "very much indeed". Quill had been invited to give a short talk after the meal and  he is very happy to "have a go....I have never forgotten the five months I spent flying with the Navy, disguised as an RNVR officer - and although it was such a short spell I have been been inordinately proud of it".

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ref:8938  £30.00
RAF HEROES OF WORLD WAR II & LATER, A fine collection of 11 ink signatures on printed aircraft display pieces, 3” x 2.75” or larger, of decorated airmen who include Johnnie Johnson, "Cat's Eyes" Cunningham and Harry Burton (one of the first officers of any of the British services to escape from a German prisoner-of-war camp during the war.)
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ref:9405  £60.00
Raglan, Lord   (1788-1855)
Raglan, Lord British soldier with an illustrious military career.
An excellent signature in ink, as Raglan, to the lower left corner of an envelope panel (6" x 2.25") addressed to his wife at their London home ("5 Great Stanhope Street, May Fair").

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ref:8572  £85.00
Remington, Eliphalet   (1793-1861)
Remington, Eliphalet

American blacksmith who designed the Remington Rifle.

A fine cheque for $450, drawn on the Ilion Bank and payable to Gibbs and Halces, (March 7th 1853). It has been made out entirely in Eliphalet Remington's hand and signed in black ink, with Remington adding "& Sons" to his signature.RARE.

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ref:2508  £195.00
Rundle, Leslie   (1856-1934)
Rundle, Leslie British General.
A fine ink signature, cut from the bottom of a letter, on a small piece measuring 3.75" x 0.75".

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ref:8604  £15.00
Scott Jr, Robert L.   (1908-2006)
Scott Jr, Robert L. American Air Force Flying Tiger air ace; his best-selling autobiography, God is My Co-Pilot (1943) was made into a film in 1945.
A very fine 5.5" x 3.5" card with a printed drawing of a Flying Tiger, nicely signed in black ink by Scott.

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ref:9190  £10.00
Strathnairn, Baron   (1801-1885)
Strathnairn, Baron British Field Marshal, most famous for his actions in the Indian Mutiny.
The last page (6.5" x 4.5") of a letter handwritten and signed (Strathnairn) in ink.

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ref:8635  £15.00
Williams, William   (1844-1913)
Williams, William British General, born in Nova Scotia, remembered for his gallant defence of the town of Kars against Russian attack during the Crimean War.
A fine ink signature, cut from the bottom of a letter, on a piece measuring 3.5" x 1.5".

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ref:8623  £15.00
Wingate, Reginald   (1861-1953)
Wingate, Reginald British General, in the expedition to relieve General Gordon; Governor-General of the Sudan and Sirdar of the Egyptian Army.
A fine signature in ink, cut from a handwritten letter on a piece measuring 5" x 2.75".

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ref:8613  £20.00
Wolseley, Garnet   (1833-1913)
Wolseley, Garnet Irish-born British Field Marshal.
A fine signature in ink on a small piece (1.5" x 1.75") cut from the bottom of a letter.
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ref:8596  £10.00
Wolseley, Garnet   (1833-1913)
Wolseley, Garnet Irish-born British Field Marshal.
A fine part-letter, handwritten and signed in ink on a piece measuring 3.5" x 2.5".
It reads (in full)
"I need scarely add that it would be a real pleasure to me should I be able to be of any use to you. Very truly yours, G.Wolseley"
To the reverse is the ink signature of Wellington's son, the Second Duke (1807-1884), a soldier and politician who was a classic example of a man unable to live up to a famous legacy.

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ref:8376  £25.00
Young, Mark   (1886-1974)
Young, Mark British Governor of Hong Kong when the territory was invaded by the Japanese in World War II; taken into captivity in 1941, spending the rest of the war in Japanese prison camps.
A listing of two fine letters, handwritten and signed in blue fountain pen ink on  6.5" x 5.25" sheets of headed notepaper (January 22nd 1967 & January 20th 1968). Both are to senior functionaries in the Salvation Army, of which Young is clearly a financial supporter and relate to their Winter Relief Fund.
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ref:10621  £20.00
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