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Cogan, Alma   (1932-1966)
Cogan, Alma British singer.
A very pretty vintage 1950s photograph (5.5" x 3.5"), signed and inscribed ("For Paddy, Sincerely, Alma Cogan") in blue fountain pen ink.
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ref:6700  £25.00
Como, Perry   (1912-2001)
Como, Perry American singer.
A very fine vintage black and white photograph (8" x 10"), neatly signed and imscribed ("To Ken, Best, Perry Como") in blue ink across the image

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ref:9046  £20.00
Corea, Chick   (1941- )
Corea, Chick American jazz painist, keyboard player and composer.
A fine signature in black ink on a 6" x 4" white card. Obtained in person at the Royal Festival Hall in London on 17th July 1991.

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ref:9532  £10.00
Costello, Elvis   (1954- )
Costello, Elvis British singer and composer.
A paperweight black and white photograph (8" x 10") of Costello behind a camera. There's a bold signature ("Thanks for writing. I'm busy in Paradise right now. Elvis Costello") in black ink across the image.
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ref:10255  £15.00
Dankworth, Johnny   (1927-2010)
Dankworth, Johnny British composer, bandleader and musical director.
A very fine vintage 1950s black and white publiity photograph (10" x 7.25"), nicely signed in later years in black ink across the image. The signature was obtained in person

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ref:4459  £20.00
Dixon, Reginald   (1905-1985)
Dixon, Reginald Great British organist, known as "Mr Blackpool".
A very fine black and white postcard, nicely signed across the image in blue fountain pen ink.

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ref:8995  £10.00
Donegan, Lonnie   (1931-2002)
Donegan, Lonnie Hugely influential Scottish skiffle singer.
A fine vintage black and white Pye-Nixa publicity photograph (5.5" x 3.5"), probably from around 1956 (it's publicising his Lost John/Screwball record). There's a good signature across the image.

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ref:8932  £12.00
Elrick, George   (1903-1999)
Elrick, George British musician, impresario and radio presenter, known as "The Smiling Voice of Radio" and probably best remembered for presenting the popular radio request show Housewives' Choice during the 1950s and 1960s.
A very fine vintage 1930s sepia postcard, neatly signed in red ink across the image.

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ref:8497  £10.00
Faith, Adam   (1940-2003)
Faith, Adam British singer and actor.
A fine vintage signature in blue ink on a 4.25" x 2.75" page. Perfect for display mounting.

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ref:8648  £10.00
Faithfull, Marianne   (1946- )
Faithfull, Marianne British singer, songwriter and film actress.
An original vintage copy of the sheet music (11" x 8.5") for her 1964 hit, As Tears Go By, signed in ink across a clear area of the cover.

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ref:9595  £40.00
Faithfull, Marianne   (1946- )
Faithfull, Marianne British singer, songwriter and film actress.
A very fine black and white original publicity photograph (8" x 10"), boldly signed across the image in black ink

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ref:9575  £40.00
Fitzgerald, Ella   (1917-1996)
Fitzgerald, Ella American singer, the First Lady of Jazz.
A very fine programme (10.5" x 8.25") for her 1962 tour of Britain in Norman Granz' Jazz at the Philharmonic. There's an excellent signature ("Best wishes, Ella Fitzgerald") in blue ink on an inner photo page.
The programme comes with the original advertising flyer (unsigned) for Ella's appearance at the Odean, Southend on the 5th March, 1962.

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ref:8663  £125.00
Foley, Zac   (1970-2002)
Foley, Zac British bassist of dance-rock group EMF, who had a No.1 hit with "Unbelievable" in 1991; died of a drug overdose.
A bold signature in black ink on a 6" x 4" white card. Obtained in person at the BBC in July 1991.

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ref:9530  £12.00
Fury, Billy   (1940-1983)
Fury, Billy Internationally successful British pop singer from the late 1950s to the early 1960s, real name Ron Wycherley.
A very fine vintage 1962 black and white Decca publicity photograph (5.75" x 3.25"), boldly signed ("Love, Billy Fury") across the image in blue ink.
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ref:10135  £125.00
Garrity, Freddie   (1936-2006)
Garrity, Freddie Manchester-born singer and actor who was the frontman of the 1960s pop group, Freddie and the Dreamers.
A superb original vintage black and white publicity photograph (8" x 10"), showing Freddie with the other members of the group. Produced in the early 1960s by their Manchester agent, Kennedy Street Enterprises Ltd, there's an excellent full signature in blue fountain pen ink across a clear area of the image

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ref:8452  £40.00
Gay, Noel   (1898-1954)
Gay, Noel Prolific Yorkshire-born composer of popular music in the 1930s and 1940s (he wrote the music for 28 films, 26 London stage shows and 45 songs); once described as "the closest Britain ever came to a local Irving Berlin.”
In the 1930s there was an autograph collector called Louis Ollier. Ollier was also a talented artist and it was his practice to do excellent pen and ink drawings of celebrities and send them to be signed and returned. Apparently nobody refused. This item comes from Ollier's collection - a superb original pen and ink drawing of Noel Gay on a 7" x 10" sheet of white cartridge paper. Gay has signed and dated the drawing (11.3.39) in dark blue ink, also adding a fine musical quotation.
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ref:10153  £40.00
Glitter, Gary   (1944- )
Glitter, Gary British glam-pop singer, real name Paul Gadd.
A vintage black and white photograph (10" x 7.5"), signed across the image in silver ink.

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ref:8947  £50.00
Goss, Matt & Luke   (1968- )
Goss, Matt & Luke Lewisham-born twins who formed Bros and shot to fame as pop pin-ups in the late 1980s.
A listing of two white cards, each approximately 6" x 4 and each signed in black ink by the twins. Both were obtained in person - Matt's outside the Mayfair Theatre in London in November 1988 and Luke's outside the Savoy Hotel in London in September 1993.

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ref:9533  £20.00
Green, Johnny   (1908-1989)
Green, Johnny Multiple Oscar-winning American songwriter, composer, musical arranger, and conductor, remembered particularly for the great standard, Body and Soul (1930).
A fine signature and inscription ("For Violet - All the best - Johnny Green") in blue fountain pen ink on a small 3" x 2" vintage 1940s album page

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ref:9570  £15.00
Guetary, Georges   (1915-1997)
Guetary, Georges French actor and singer, remembered most fondly for his show-stopping rendition of I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise in An American in Paris (1951).
A very early black and white deckle-edged French postcard of the handsome young Georges Guetary, nicely signed in blue fountain pen ink ("G.Guetary"). There's an additional note in ink to the reverse ("Thank you for your nice letter. G.G.").
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ref:8697  £12.00
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