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MacRae, Gordon   (1921-1986)
MacRae, Gordon

American actor and singer, best known for his starring role in two great Rogers and Hammerstein musicals, Oklahoma! and Carousel A fine signed black and white original 8" x 10" photograph of MacRae with Shirley Jones in the famous "Surrey With The Fringe On Top" in Oklahoma!

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ref:371  £60.00
Martin, George   (1926-2016)
Martin, George Legendary record producer, composer and arranger, the "Fifth Beatle".
A very fine black and white photograph (7" x 5"), neatly signed and inscribed ("Neale - best wishes, George Martin") in blue ink across a clear area of the image

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ref:9290  £50.00
Martin, Tony   (1913-2012)
Martin, Tony American actor and singer, married from 1948 to Cyd Charisse.
A handsome vintage black and white photograph (8" x 10"), nicely signed and inscribed ("Peter, Tony Martin") in blue ink across a clear area of the image.

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ref:9513  £15.00
Marvin, Hank   (1941- )
Marvin, Hank British multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter, best known as the lead guitarist for the Shadows.
A very fine black and white photograph (8" x 10") of the younger Hank Marvin, boldly signed in ink to the lower white margin.

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ref:9572  £30.00
Maschwitz, Eric   (1901-1969
Maschwitz, Eric English lyricist (A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square and These Foolish Things), playwright and screenwriter, one of the most prolific writers for musical theatre from the 1930s to the mid-1950s.
fine typed and signed letter (E.M.Properties Ltd, 36 Bruton Street, Berkeley Square, London W1, 3rd November 1955) to the actor  Tristram Jellinek at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.
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ref:5277  £15.00
McCartney, Michael   (1944- )
McCartney, Michael British performing artist and rock photographer, and the younger brother of Paul McCartney, most famous for his membership of the Liverpool comedy-poetry-music group, The Scaffold.
A fine signature in black ink (signing as Mike Mac) on a 6" x 4" white card. The signature was obtained in person outside the London Palladium in July 1995.
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ref:9522  £10.00
McDonald, Country Joe   (1942- )
McDonald, Country Joe American folk singer, immortalised by his show-stopping performance at the legendary 1969 Woodstock Festival.
fine signature in black ink on a 5" x 3" white card. The signature is a rarer full one (he usually signs "Country Joe").
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ref:8952  £8.00
McDowell, Paul   (1931-2016)
McDowell, Paul British singer, writer and actor, lead singer and co-founder of The Temperance Seven, a band that evolved from a group he started at Chelsea Art College.
A very fine vintage 1960s black and white deckle-edge photograph (a little larger than 5.25" x 3.25"), signed in blue fountain pen ink. SCARCE.

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ref:9359  £25.00
McGowan, Cathy   (1945- )
McGowan, Cathy

Legendary presenter of television’s Ready, Steady,Go from 1963 to 1966.

A fine ink signature on a clean, white 6" x 4" card, obtained in person at the National Theatre on the 7th of April 1991.
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ref:2573  £15.00
McGowan, Cathy   (1945- )
McGowan, Cathy Legendary presenter of television's Ready Steady Go, from 1963-1966).
A lovely vintage 1960s black and white Rediffusion publicity photograph (5.5" x 3.5"), boldly signed ("Love Cathy") in period in black ink.
This comes with two signed letters from McGowan on Rediffusion Television headed paper, the first sending thanks for a complimentary letter and the photograph and the second apologising for the fact that the photograph hadn't been sent with the first!

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ref:8719  £20.00
Meehan, Tony   (1943-2005)
Meehan, Tony British drummer and founder meember of The Shadows and A&R Man for Decca Records, famously auditioning the Beatles for the first time on January 1st, 1962.
A fine signature and inscription ("To Valerie, love, Tony Meehan") in blue ink on a 5.25" x 3.75" album page.This comes from the collection of Valerie Stephenson, Kathy Kirby's personal secretary in the 1960s.
The reverse is signed in blue ink by American jazz pianist and composer, Dave Brubeck (1920-2012).

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ref:9528  £15.00
Melachrino, George   (1909-1965)
Melachrino, George Great British composer, arranger and musical director, most famous for his Moods in Music series of recordings; came to a tragically early end when he fell asleep in the bath and drowned.
A superb early vintage black and white photograph (5.25" x 3.25"), nicely signed across the image in blue fountain pen ink. VERY RARE.

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ref:6918  £30.00
Mercer, Johnny   (1909-1976)
Mercer, Johnny Great American songwriter, winner of four Oscars for Best Song.
A fine vintage glossy sepia Capital Records photograph (7" x 5"), nicely signed in blue ink across the image. A note to the reverse suggests this was received by the collector in 1947.

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ref:9314  £75.00
Mitchell, Guy   (1927-1999)
Mitchell, Guy American pop singer, a huge star in the 1950s with hits such as Singin' The Blues.
A fine vintage signature in black ink on a 4.25" x 4" album page.

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ref:7718  £8.00
Most, Mickie   (1938-2003)
Most, Mickie Legendary British record producer.
A fine signature in blue ink on a 1960s album page (4" x 3"). RARE.

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ref:9523  £15.00
Mouskouri, Nana   (1934- )
Mouskouri, Nana Greek singer.
A fine souvenir concert programme (11.5" x 8.25") for her 1972 British and Irish tour with a big, bold signature in black ink on the front cover.

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ref:8142  £18.00
Murray, Ruby   (1935-1996)
Murray, Ruby Irish singer, with a unique voice (the result of a throat operation on early childhood).
An excellent signature in blue ink on a vintage 1950s album page (4.5" x 3.75").
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ref:9763  £10.00
Newman, Randy   (1943- )
Newman, Randy Great American singer and composer.
A very fine 5" x 4" card, boldly signed in black ink, with Newman adding the name and date of one of his most famous films: "Best, Randy Newman (Natural, 1984)"

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ref:5158  £25.00
Noone, Peter   (1947- )
Noone, Peter English singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist and actor, best known as Herman of the 1960s pop group, Herman's Hermits.
A very fine original vintage 1960s black and white publicity photograph (8" x 10"), nicely signed across the image ("Cheers! Peter Noone") in blue ink.

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ref:8453  £40.00
Novello, Ivor   (1893-1951)
Novello, Ivor Welsh matinee idol, composer, playwright, screenwriter and actor-manager.
fine programme for a production of his musical romance, Perchance To Dream, at Brighton Hippodrome in September 1948. Ivor Novello has added a good signature in blue fountain pen ink to the cast page.
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ref:8158  £18.00
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