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Reuss, Wilhelm Franz   (1886-1945)
Reuss, Wilhelm Franz German conductor and composer, captured by the Red Army in 1945 and died under interrogation.
A very fine sepia postcard (sent postally) of the young conductor, nicely signed and dated (1917) in blue fountain pen ink. EXTREMELY RARE.

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ref:6530  £75.00
Roocroft, Amanda   (1966- )
Roocroft, Amanda English soprano.
A very fine colour candid colour photograph (8" x 6"), taken at St John's, Smith Square, in London in March1994 and signed across the image in dark blue ink at a later date.

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ref:8303  £15.00
Rudenyi, Jan   (1889-1915)
Rudenyi, Jan Australian-born violinist, who died very young of pneumonia.
An exceptionally rare vintage sepia postcard, nicely signed, inscribed and dated ("Best wishes to Mr Todd, Very Sincerely, Jan Rudenyi, 22/10/10") in dark blue fountain pen ink across the image.

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ref:9333  £75.00
Sargent, Malcolm (and Ralph Richardson)   (1895-1967)
Sargent, Malcolm (and Ralph Richardson) Great English conductor.
fine signature in blue ink on a vintage 1940s album page (6" x 3.75").
To the reverse is the signature in ink of the great actor Ralph Richardson.

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ref:8159  £10.00
Söderström , Elisabeth   (1927-2009)
Söderström , Elisabeth
Great Swedish soprano, one of the world’s most versatile and best loved.
A very fine ink signature on a white card (approximately 6" x 4"). The signature was obtained in person at the Barbican in London in 1991.

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ref:2268  £10.00
Shacklock, Constance   (1913-1999)
Shacklock, Constance Great English mezzo-soprano.
A very fine vintage 1940s black and white photograph (5.5" x 3.25"), nicely signed and inscribed in blue fountain pen ink to the lower white panel and with a handwritten and signed note
(mentioning Rosenkavalier as her favourite role) in ink to the reverse.

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ref:5318  £18.00
Shelton, Lucy   (1944- )
Shelton, Lucy American soprano.
A very fine colour candid colour photograph (8" x 6"), taken at the Barbican, London in January 1995 and signed across the image in blue ink at a later date.

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ref:8277  £15.00
Shield, William   (1748-1829)
Shield, William Durham-born English composer, violinist and viola player, especially remembered for Auld Lang Syne.
An original copy of the sheet music (13.5" x 8.5") for William Shield's composition The Union Volunteers (March, Troop and Quick Step) for Piano forte or Harp.
The top edge of the front cover is signed in ink by William Shield ("From the Composer to Mr Corkail (?) with respects").

A wonderful survival and extremely rare.

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ref:5295  £195.00
Sigmundsson, Kristinn   (1951- )
Sigmundsson, Kristinn Icelandic bass singer.
A very fine colour candid colour photograph (8" x 6"), taken at an unspecified venue in Paris  in March 1998 and signed across the image in dark blue ink at a later date.

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ref:8297  £15.00
Slatkin, Leonard   (1944- )
Slatkin, Leonard American conductor and composer.
A fine original candid colour photograph (8" x 6") of Slatkin (looking uncannily like Andre Previn!), taken outside the BBC in February, 1997 and signed in black ink at a later date.
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ref:7276  £15.00
Sousa, John Philip   (1854-1932)
Sousa, John Philip

Great American composer and conductor, known particularly for his military and patriotic marches including "Stars and Stripes Forever," designated in 1987 as the National March of the United States.

A peachy early vintage German postcard, beautifully signed in blue fountain pen ink to a light area of the image, with Sousa adding the date, 1910.

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ref:2969  £350.00
Stenz, Markus   (1965- )
Stenz, Markus German conductor.
An extraordinary colour candid colour photograph (8" x 6"), taken at the Barbican, London in November 1994 and signed across the image in ink at a later date

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ref:8268  £15.00
Strauss III, Johann   (1866-1939)
Strauss III, Johann Austrian composer and conductor, grandson of the great Johann Strauss the Elder.
A fine, bold signature in black fountain pen ink on a slip of paper(5" x 2.25"), with Strauss adding the date, 17/I/28.

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ref:3834  £30.00
Streich, Rita   (1920-1987)
Streich, Rita Russian-born soprano, one of the most admired and recorded sopranos of the post-war period.
A very fine signature in blue fountain pen ink on a vintage 1950s album page (4.5" x 3").

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ref:8506  £15.00
Sutherland, Joan   (1926-2010)
Sutherland, Joan Great Australian soprano.
A very fine black and white 7" x 5" photograph, part of a fine music collection put together in the mid-1960s. There's a bold signature and inscription ("To Ruby Heasman, with best wishes, Joan Sutherland") in purple ink across the image.

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ref:9279  £30.00
Tauber, Richard   (1891-1948)
Tauber, Richard Austrian-born operatic tenor.
A very fine signature and date (1941) in ink on a 6" x 3.75" album page. A small black and white photograph is attached.
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ref:8416  £15.00
Tauber, Richard (and Thorley Walters)   (1891-1948)
Tauber, Richard (and Thorley Walters) Austrian-born operatic tenor.
A fine bold signature in pencil on a vintage 1930s album page (6.25" x 4.75"). The reverse is signed in ink by the great character actor Thorley Walters, and by Cicely Courtneidge (in pencil), Jack Hulbert and Bobby Howes.

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ref:8363  £15.00
Terfel, Bryn   (1965- )
Terfel, Bryn Welsh bass-baritone opera and concert singer.
A very fine colour postcard (6" x 4"), issued by Deutsche Grammophon to publicise their 1996 recording of Bryn Terfel signing the songs of Rogers and Hammerstein, Something Wonderful. There's a big, bold signature in black ink across the image.

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ref:7760  £12.00
Teschemacher, Margarete   (1903-1959)
Teschemacher, Margarete German operatic soprano.
A very fine signature ("
London, 1931") in black fountain pen ink on a  page (4.25" x 2.75") taken from a vintage autograph album.

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ref:5035  £15.00
Thomson, Virgil   (1896-1989)
Thomson, Virgil American composer and critic.
A short signed typed letter on airmail paper, 24th March 1983, thanking a Mr Wood for his good wishes.

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ref:271  £40.00
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