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Caldwell, Erskine   (1903-1987)
Caldwell, Erskine American author, most famous for his novels Tobacco Road (1932) and God's Little Acre (1933).
A very fine signature and inscription ("To Peter from Erksine Caldwell") in blue fountain pen ink on a 6.5" x 4.5" album page.

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ref:6250  £20.00
Cartland, Barbara   (1901-2000)
Cartland, Barbara Best-selling English author.
A very fine Benham's First Day Cover, commemorating Famous Authors and franked George Eliot Centenary, 9th July 1980. There's a strong signature in Cartland's trademark red-pink ink across the main panel.

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ref:7030  £18.00
Constable, Archibald   (1774-1827)
Constable, Archibald Scottish publisher, bookseller and stationer, most famous as the publisher of Sir Walter Scott's works.
A fine, bold ink signature, probably cut from a letter, on a 2.75" x 1.75" piece. RARE.

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ref:8266  £15.00
Corelli, Marie   (1855-1924
Corelli, Marie Extraordinary British novelist, in her time the most widely-read author of fiction (some of her books went into 50 or more editions).
A very fine signature and date (1906) in black ink on a 4.5" x 2.5" slip of paper.

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ref:7685  £18.00
Cullum, Ridgwell   (1867-1943)
Cullum, Ridgwell British adventurer and writer, whose output of rattling good adventure yarns, set in the wilds of America and Canada, was comparable to that of Zane Grey.
A very fine signature and date (1940) in dark blue fountain pen ink on a 4.5" x 1.5" slip of paper. RARE.

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ref:9448  £20.00
Dane, Clemence (and C.B.Cochran)   (1888-1965)
Dane, Clemence (and C.B.Cochran) Oscar-winning British actress, who shot to fame with her 1921 play, A Bill of Divorcement.
A very fine vintage 1930s album page (6.25" x 4.25"), nicely signed in blue fountain pen ink by Clemence Dane. The page also carries the scarce full signature in ink of English theatrical producer, Charles B.Cochran.

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ref:6781  £20.00
de la Roche, Mazo   (1979-1961)
de la Roche, Mazo Canadian writer, most famous for her Jalna series of novels, beginning in 1927.
A fine signature in black ink on a 3" x 2" slip of paper, neatly laid to black card.

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ref:3260  £10.00
Drabble, Margaret   (1939- )
Drabble, Margaret Distinguished British novelist.
A unique candid colour photograph (8" x 6"), taken outside the Savoy Hotel in London in 1995 and signed in black ink across the image shortly afterwards. A genuine "one-off".

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ref:7036  £18.00
du Maurier, George   (1834-1896)
du Maurier, George Extraordinary French-born British cartoonist and author, known for his cartoons in Punch and also for his best-selling Gothic horror novel, Trilby (1894).
short letter on a 5" x 4" sheet of notepaper, handwritten in ink. The content (" I have much pleasure in doing as you wish and remain, Yours faithfully, George du Maurier") suggests it was in response to a request for an autograph.
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ref:7874  £20.00
du Maurier, George   (1834-1896)
du Maurier, George Extraordinary French-born British cartoonist and author, known for his cartoons in Punch and also for his best-selling Gothic horror novel, Trilby (1894).
n interesting but mysterious letter, handwritten and signed in ink on a small sheet of headed notepaper (New Grove House, June 25, no year).
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ref:8223  £20.00
du Maurier, George (and Gustave Doré)   (1834-1896)
du Maurier, George (and Gustave Doré) Extraordinary French-born British cartoonist and author, known for his cartoons in Punch and also for his best-selling Gothic horror novel, Trilby (1894).
A fine letter on headed notepaper (6" x4"), handwritten and signed in black ink, in which du Maurier declines a lunch invitation ("this is Almanack Time and I simply cannot get away from work so early. Come up & have a chat before you leave if you can manage it and stop to sup here any Thursday").
To the reverse is an envelope front apparently in the hand of the French artist, Gustave Doré (1832-1883).

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ref:7710  £30.00
Duncan, Ronald   (1914-1982)
Duncan, Ronald Rhodesian-born writer, poet and playwright, now best known for preparing the libretto for Benjamin Britten's opera The Rape of Lucretia, first performed in 1946.
An interesting philosophical quotation on revenge, signed and dated (1980) in black ink on an 8" x 7.5" sheet of notepaper.

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ref:9389  £20.00
Fry, Christopher   (1907-2005)
Fry, Christopher

English playwright, one of the most celebrated of the mid-20th century, regarded as the Shakespeare of his time for his poetry and wit.

A fine vintage magazine photograph, very neatly mounted in period to a white postcard, clearly signed in black ink across the image.

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ref:1125  £15.00
Fyleman, Rose   (1877-1957)
Fyleman, Rose Hugely successful English children's writer, remembered primarily for her poems about fairies, especially Fairies at the Bottom of Our Garden (1917).
A fine collection of six handwritten and signed letters to the poet May Belben. Five are on headed notepaper, from a variety of addresses in London, Nottingham and Washington (USA). One is on The Merry Go Round headed notepaper. Only one of the letters is dated with a year (1926) but it is believed they span a period to 1930.

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ref:9146  £125.00
Golding, William   (1911-1993)
Golding, William British novelist, poet and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1983, most famous for his 1954 classic of English literature, Lord of the Flies.
A very fine hardback first edition copy of his 1984 novel The Paper Men (Faber & Faber Limited), boldly signed in blue ink on the main title page.

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ref:9456  £50.00
Haggard, Rider   (1856-1925)
Haggard, Rider Great English novelist, remembered for his excellent adventure stories, especially King Solomon's Mines and She.
A pre-stamped Victorian postcard, sent from his house in Ditchingham, Bungay in Suffolk on August 20th 1890 to a Mr Glaisher, a bookseller on The Strand in London. It's a short signed note from Haggard in ink, asking Glaisher to send him a copy of Leo Tolstoy's novella  The Kreutzer Sonata. (This was published in 1889 and promptly banned by the Russian authorities.)

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ref:9336  £60.00
Heginbotham, Sarah Maria (A.A.Milne)   (1840-1921)
Heginbotham, Sarah Maria (A.A.Milne) Mother of author A.A.Milne.
A very rare survival, a handwritten letter on three pages (Shallcross Cottage, November 30th). There is no year on the letter but a contemporary note in pencil dates it to 1876 (perhaps from an envelope which is no longer present), or two years before her marriage to A.A.Milne's father, John.The letter content indicates that at that time Sarah was running a school with her mother and her sister.

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ref:3261  £65.00
Hughes, Thomas   (1822-1896)
Hughes, Thomas English author, best known for his 1857 novel, Tom Brown's Schooldays.
A very fine signature in ink on a 3" x 1" piece cut from the bottom of a letter and laid down.

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ref:7849  £20.00
Janson, Hank   (1917-1989)
Janson, Hank Cult British pulp fiction writer.
A unique black and white "Latimer of London" photograph, laid to a mount (overall dimensions approximately 12" x 9"), signed and inscribed in blue fountain pen ink to the lower border.

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ref:339  £395.00
Jong, Erica   (1942- )
Jong, Erica American author and poet, most famous for her 1973 novel, Fear of Flying.
A bold signature in black ink on a 6" x 4" white card. Obtained in person in London in 1987.

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ref:7027  £10.00
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