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Heath, Edward   (1916-2005)
Heath, Edward British Conservative Prime Minister.
A very fine signature in black ink on a white 6" x 4" card.
The signature was obtained in person.

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ref:3882  £15.00
Hobhouse, John Cam   (1786-1869)
Hobhouse, John Cam British politician and diarist, close friend of Lord Byron and the man who coined the phrase His Majesty's (Loyal) Opposition.
A very fine signature in ink in the lower left corner of a Free Front envelope panel (1837).

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ref:8184  £15.00
Hogg, Quintin   (1907-2001)
Hogg, Quintin British Conservative politician.
A fine typed letter on headed notepaper (Office of the Minister for Science, 22nd November, 1963) to a Miss Judith Wybron, of the Maidstone Young Conservative Association, thanking her for an invitation to speak at a conference but declining, saying "my programme of engagements is determined for me by Central Office and I simply cannot take on anything more". There's his usual elegant signature in black ink at the conclusion.
This comes with a 9" x 7.5" black and white photograph, signed and dated (1969) in black ink across a lighter area of the image.
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ref:8531  £12.00
John, Lord John   (1792-1878)
John, Lord John Whig statesman and Prime Minister from 1846 to 1852 and 1865 to 1866.
 A complete Free Front envelope (3rd June 1836), signed in ink as usual in the lower left corner and bearing a black wax seal to the reverse.
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ref:9777  £20.00
Manners, John   (1818-1906)
Manners, John English statesman, best remembered for his friendship with Benjamin Disraeli and his involvement in the Young England movement.
A fine chatty letter (Albany, Friday, no year), handwritten and signed in ink on two sides of a 7" x 4.25" sheet of notepaper ("Last night I despatched an address in bad English to the Electors of Colchester")
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ref:9390  £25.00
Nabarro, Gerald   (1913-1973)
Nabarro, Gerald Controversial, Conservative politician with a much lapooned handlebar moustache, a series of Rolls Royces with personalised number-plates and a predilection for extremist racist remarks (on the BBC's "Any Questions" he infamously asked "How would you feel if your daughter wanted to marry a big buck nigger with the prospect of coffee-coloured grandchildren?")
A fine typed and signed letter on House of Commons paper (26th November 1957) to a man who has written in support of his proposals on Purchase Tax. It's an excellent ranting letter in which he says (amongs other things): "I can assure you I am absolutely inundated from all parts of the country with letters written in the same vein as yours, also support from trade associations of every kind and description, all of whom are sickened by the waste of manpower and materials and the loss of export potential arising from the Purchase Tax."

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ref:6357  £15.00
Powell, Enoch   (1912-1998
Powell, Enoch Controversial Conservative politician.
A fine letter, typed on an 8" x 6" sheet of House of Commons notepaper (23.9.72), thanking a correspondent for a letter ("I much appreciated your writing to me as you did"). There's an excellent signature in blue fountain pen ink at the conclusion.
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ref:9425  £25.00
Russell, Lord John   (1792-1878)
Russell, Lord John Whig statesman and Prime Minister.
fine signature in ink, on a 4.5" x 2" piece cut from the bottom of a letter.
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ref:7868  £12.00
Thatcher, Margaret   (1925-2013)
Thatcher, Margaret British Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990.
A presentation item of undoubted authenticity - a very fine colour photograph (5" x 4"), officially mounted to board (8" x 6") and signed and inscribed ("To Th.Alex Moffat, Congratulations on your 90th birthday, Margaret Thatcher") in ink below the photograph.
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ref:9757  £40.00
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