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Agate, James   (1877-1947)
Agate, James Hugely influential British drama critic and diarist.
A very fine signature in blue fountain pen ink on a 5.5" x 3.5" vintage album page.

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ref:7163  £15.00
Baden-Powell, Olave   (1889-1977)
Baden-Powell, Olave Leader of the World Guide Movement.
n extraordinary 3-page letter (in Melbourne in Australia in November 1947 during her world tour that year), self-typed (badly!)  by Olave Baden-Powell and packed with interesting gossip about her tour of the country.
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ref:6500  £40.00
Baden-Powell, Olave   (1889-1977)
Baden-Powell, Olave Leader of the World Guide Movement.
full signature in blue fountain pen ink on a 4.75" x 2" slip of paper.
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ref:8731  £6.00
Ballard, Robert   (1942- )
Ballard, Robert Retired United States Navy officer and a professor of oceanography at the University of Rhode Island, most famous for his discovery of the wreck of the RMS Titanic in 1985.
A fine colour photograph (6" x 4"), signed to a clear area of the image in dark blue ink.
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ref:10267  £25.00
Bannister, Roger   (1929- )
Bannister, Roger
British middle distance runner, the first to break the four-minute barrier for the mile race in 1954.
A very fine signature in blue fountain pen ink on a lined 5" x 3" yellow card. 
Bannister is no longer responding to autograph requests.

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ref:7882  £15.00
Bottomley, Horatio   (1860-1933)
Bottomley, Horatio Audacious, larger-than-life British fraudster, the Bernie Madoff of his day.
A fine signature in black fountain pen ink on a neatly cut piece of paper (3.25" x .5") which has been laid to a compliments slip of Bottomley's magazine, John Bull. The compliments slip has itself been laid to grey card. A small newspaper photograph has been attached to the right of the signature.
The fact that "With Mr Bottomley's compliments" has been typed onto the item, together with the date, "Feb 2nd, 1915", suggests that the whole thing has been put together by Bottomley's secretary!

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ref:6219  £18.00
Bright, Arthur Addison   (1861-1906)
Bright, Arthur Addison

British theatrical agent, most famous for his close friendship with Peter Pan author, J.M.Barrie; committed suicide after a business scandal.

A very fine handwritten letter (36 Russell Square, W.C. 28th Nov, n.y.) to Stuart Ogilvie, another close personal friend of J.M.Barrie, who went on to build in the early 1920s a “paradise for children” known as Thorpeness and promoted as “The Home of Peter Pan” on 6000 acres of his land on the Suffolk coast.


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ref:2615  £50.00
Brock, Walter Laurence   (1886-1964)
Brock, Walter Laurence Illinois-born American aviation pioneer, most famous for his flying feats in Britain before World War I.
A very fine vintage sepia postcard, nicely signed and dated (July 11, 1914) to a clear area in blue fountain pen ink. A pencilled note to the reverse reads first card to be signed on return from Paris after winning race”. VERY RARE

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ref:6801  £125.00
Brougham, Henry   (778-1868)
Brougham, Henry Edinburgh-born lawyer, Whig Party politician and reformer, the real man who ended the slave trade in Britain, not William Wilberforce.
A fine signature in ink, on a 3.25" x 1.5" piece, cut from the bottom of a letter

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ref:8378  £15.00
Budge, Don   (1915-2000)
Budge, Don American tennis champion, World No.1 player for five years.
A very fine early signature in black ink on a specially printed 4.5" x 3.5" card, devised by an avid autograph collector in the 1920s and 1930s, Budge has added the date, June 1922.

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ref:8570  £25.00
Campbell, Malcolm   (1885-1948)
Campbell, Malcolm Internationally famous English speed record pioneer; began the legendary Bluebird speed dynasty racing cars at Brooklands in 1910.
fine typed letter (Old Bond Street House, 6-8 Old Bond Street, London, W1, 10th March 1933), responding with thanks to a man who has sent a cable of congratulations following "Blue Bird's recent success". There's a good signature (M.Campbell) in black fountain pen ink at the conclusion
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ref:6289  £175.00
Cotton, Henry   (1907-1987)
Cotton, Henry Great English golfer of the 1930s.
An excellent signature in black fountain pen ink on a 3" x 1.75" slip of paper.

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ref:8569  £30.00
Crowley, Dave   (1910-1974)
Crowley, Dave British boxer, one of Britain's most exciting feather/lightweights of the 1930s.
A fine signature in blue ink on a 4.5" x 3.5" album page.

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ref:5451  £10.00
Curry, John   (1949-1994)
Curry, John British Olympic, European and World Figure Skating Champion, who died of an AIDs-induced heart attack at the age of just 44.
A bold signature in blue ink on a 4" x 2.25" slip of paper.  Good display mounting potential.

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ref:8609  £8.00
Dean, Millvina   (1912-2009)
Dean, Millvina British survivor of RMS Titantic, the youngest person on board.
A very fine modern black and white reproduction (8" x 10") of RMS Titanic. neatly signed to a clear area of the image in black ink. (The photograph comes with a small candid photograph of Millvina Dean at the signing.)

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ref:10440  £50.00
Delporte, Eugene   (1882-1955)
Delporte, Eugene Belgian astronomer, most famous for discoveries of asteroids and comets.
A fine ink signature, cut irregularly from the bottom of a letter, on a piece measuring 3" x 1.5".

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ref:8846  £10.00
Dilke, Charles Wentworth   (1843-1911)
Dilke, Charles Wentworth Talented Liberal politician whose career was spectacularly ended by a juicy sex scandal in 1886; known as the "Lost Prime Minister".
A complete envelope, addressed and signed in ink in Dilke's hand to the lower left corner. The envelope was specially printed for correspondence relating to the Royal Commission on Housing of the Working Classes, set up in 1884 under Dilke's leadership.

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ref:8391  £15.00
Dimbleby, Richard   (1913-1965)
Dimbleby, Richard Iconic British broadcaster, the first reporter to enter Belsen concentration camp on its liberation by the British army.
A fine typed letter on a 9.5" x 7" sheet of headed notepaper (May 9th, 1956) to a Mrs Troke, who has invited him to the ceremony at which she will be made Lymington's first woman mayor. Dimbledby declines with the greatest regret and explains that he has a regular BBC commitment every Wednesday in London. He ends by saying "You will be in command of a lovely borough and I am sure you will serve it admirably as its first citizen." There's a good signature in blue ink at the conclusion.
Richard Dimbleby signed material is surprisingly scarce.

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ref:7649  £20.00
Earl of Cardigan, Robert Brudenell 6th   (1760-1837)
Earl of Cardigan, Robert Brudenell 6th English cricketer and early member of the Marylebone Cricket Club who made eight known appearances at major cricket matches between 1790 and 1793.
A very fine signature in ink on an 1829 Free Front.

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ref:7846  £20.00
Eisenhower, Mamie   (1896-1979)
Eisenhower, Mamie Wife of United States President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
A very fine letter, typed on headed notepaper (Palm Desert, California, January 10, 1967) to a friend, the socialite Mrs Mollie Cullum.

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ref:8721  £50.00
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