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Delporte, Eugene   (1882-1955)
Delporte, Eugene Belgian astronomer, most famous for discoveries of asteroids and comets.
A fine ink signature, cut irregularly from the bottom of a letter, on a piece measuring 3" x 1.5".

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ref:8846  £10.00
Dilke, Charles Wentworth   (1843-1911)
Dilke, Charles Wentworth Talented Liberal politician whose career was spectacularly ended by a juicy sex scandal in 1886; known as the "Lost Prime Minister".
A complete envelope, addressed and signed in ink in Dilke's hand to the lower left corner. The envelope was specially printed for correspondence relating to the Royal Commission on Housing of the Working Classes, set up in 1884 under Dilke's leadership.

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ref:8391  £15.00
Dimbleby, Richard   (1913-1965)
Dimbleby, Richard Iconic British broadcaster, the first reporter to enter Belsen concentration camp on its liberation by the British army.
A fine typed letter on a 9.5" x 7" sheet of headed notepaper (May 9th, 1956) to a Mrs Troke, who has invited him to the ceremony at which she will be made Lymington's first woman mayor. Dimbledby declines with the greatest regret and explains that he has a regular BBC commitment every Wednesday in London. He ends by saying "You will be in command of a lovely borough and I am sure you will serve it admirably as its first citizen." There's a good signature in blue ink at the conclusion.
Richard Dimbleby signed material is surprisingly scarce.

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ref:7649  £20.00
Earl and Countess of Dudley,   
Earl and Countess of Dudley,

Earl of Dudley (1867-1932) and Rachel Gurney, Countess of Dudley (1867-1920) Glamorous British aristocratic couple.
Two lovely Edwardian sepia Beagles postcards, each signed in black fountain pen ink.

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ref:7738  £20.00
Earl of Cardigan, Robert Brudenell 6th   (1760-1837)
Earl of Cardigan, Robert Brudenell 6th English cricketer and early member of the Marylebone Cricket Club who made eight known appearances at major cricket matches between 1790 and 1793.
A very fine signature in ink on an 1829 Free Front.

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ref:7846  £20.00
Eisenhower, Mamie   (1896-1979)
Eisenhower, Mamie Wife of United States President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
A very fine letter, typed on headed notepaper (Palm Desert, California, January 10, 1967) to a friend, the socialite Mrs Mollie Cullum.

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ref:8721  £50.00
Eyston, George   (1897-1979)
Eyston, George British racing and land speed record car driver, engineer and inventor.
A fine vintage signature in fountain pen ink of a 3" x 1.5" card.

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ref:8869  £25.00
Faithfull, Emily   (1835-1895)
Faithfull, Emily English publisher, writer and feminist.
A very fine signature in black ink, cut from the bottom of a letter on a piece measuring 4" x 2.75".

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ref:8748  £18.00
Flynt, Larry   (1942- )
Flynt, Larry American publisher of the soft-porn magazine, Hustler, paralysed from the waite down due to injuries sustained in a 1978 assassination attempt.
A fine black and white 8" x 10" photograph, nicely signed in black ink across a clear area of the image.

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ref:4082  £20.00
Foyle, Christina   (1911-1999)
Foyle, Christina London's best known bookseller and the creator and hostess of Britain's most famous literary luncheon series.
A fine signature on an 8" x 4" piece cut from the bottom of a letter.

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ref:7821  £10.00
Fuchs, Vivian   (1908-1999)
Fuchs, Vivian

British polar explorer. A fine black and white 5.5" x 3.75" photograph, nicely signed in blue ink across a clear area of the image.


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ref:1332  £25.00
Geddes, Eric Campbell   (1875-1937)
Geddes, Eric Campbell Very important British logistics Minister during World War One, responsible for vastly increasing the production of guns, ammunition and explosives, making sure they got to the Front quickly, and doing the same for the production of merchant shipping. Lloyd George said of Geddes that he was "one of the most remarkable men which the State called to its aid “.
A very fine typed letter on an 8" x 10" sheet of headed notepaper (Sir Eric Geddes, St James's House, St James's Street, London SW1, 20th May 1932) to Sir Henry Page Croft (1881-1947), a decorated soldier and Conservative Party politician.

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ref:8978  £0.00
George IV, King   (1762- 1830)
George IV, King King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of Hanover from January 29th 1820; from 1811 until his accession he served as Prince Regent during his father's final mental illness.
A very fine signature in ink on a large piece cut from a document (about 8" x 3").

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ref:8891  £75.00
Grahame-White, Claude   (1879-1959)
Grahame-White, Claude Charismatic British pioneer aviator, much disliked by the Wright Brothers for his swagger, lifestyle and love of self-publicity.
A very fine vintage black and white postcard, showing the nonchalant, bow-tied young aviator in front of one of his aircraft. There's a fine signature in ink to the reverse.
The card has been sent through the postal system, and cancellation on the half-penny stamp is dated  November 27th, 1912.

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ref:8243  £40.00
Greville, Countess of Warwick, Frances (Darling Daisy)   (1861-1938)
Greville, Countess of Warwick, Frances (Darling Daisy) Extraordinary English society beauty and mistress to King Edward VII; known as "Daisy".
A fine signature in ink, cut from the bottom of a letter on a piece (4.75" x 3.25").

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ref:8742  £15.00
Harriman, W. Averell   (1891-1986)
Harriman, W. Averell American Democratic Party politician, businessman and diplomat, best remembered for his diplomatic missions during World War II.
A very fine black and white photograph (7" x 5"), nicely signed in dark blue ink to the lower white margin.

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ref:7460  £15.00
Harris, Lord   (1851-1932)
Harris, Lord British amateur cricketer, cricket administrator and politician; a good friend of W.G.Grace.
A short, but important, typed and ink-signed letter on a 10" x 8" sheet of headed notepaper (8 Old Jewry, London EC2. 22nd June, 1926) to the Chief Book Editor of publishers Cassell & Co in London.
Harris encloses his foreword to "Mr Noble's book".
Mr Noble was the great Australian cricketer Monty Noble (1873-1940), who in 1926 published a  very influential book on the sport of cricket, "The Game's the Thing". Its importance is shown by the fact that Lord Harris was persuaded to write a foreword to it.

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ref:8971  £40.00
Herbert, Sidney   (1810-1861)
Herbert, Sidney English statesman and a close ally and confidant of Florence Nightingale, whom he sent out to Scutari during the Crimean War.
A fine signature in black ink on an 8" x 3.25" piece cut from a military document.

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ref:8967  £18.00
Hesketh-Fleetwood, Peter   (1801-1866
Hesketh-Fleetwood, Peter English landowner, developer and Member of Parliament, who founded the town of Fleetwood, in Lancashire.
A fine Free Front (Preston, May six, 1835) to a Mrs Rushton in Uttoxexeter,  handwritten in ink and signed, as usual to the lower left corner. VERY RARE.

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ref:4950  £40.00
Hunt, John   (1910-1998)
Hunt, John British military officer who is best known as the leader of the 1953 expedition that conquered Mount Everest.
A very fine casual colour photograph (5" x 3.25") of the older John Hunt, nicely signed in blue ink across a light area of the image.

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ref:8143  £25.00
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