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Marghiloman, Alexandru   (1854-1925)
Marghiloman, Alexandru Romanian conservative statesman who served for a short time in 1918 (March–October) as Prime Minister of Romania, and had a decisive role during World War I.
A very fine vintage sepia Romanian postcard, nicely signed in ink across a clear area of the image.

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ref:8782  £20.00
Martineau, James   (1805-1900)
Martineau, James British philosopher and theologian.
A witty letter, handwritten in black ink on headed notepaper (10 Gordon Street, London W.C., Feb 9, 1871) to a lady who has clearly written to ask for an autograph.

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ref:8219  £20.00
McLaren, Agnes   (1837-1913)
McLaren, Agnes Distinguished Scottish doctor and leading figure in the women's suffrage movement.
A fine ink signature on an 8.25" x 5.5" page from a Victorian birthday book. A modern reproduction of an early image is neatly corner-mounted below her signature.

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ref:7881  £12.00
Mills, Freddie   (1919-1965)
Mills, Freddie British boxer, World Light Heavyweight Champion from 1948 to 1950.
fine vintage black and white photograph (5.5" x 3.5") of Mills in a boxing pose, signed and dated (1947) in black ink across the image.
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ref:6278  £40.00
Milne, John   (1850-1913)
Milne, John Great British geologist, the Father of Modern Seismology and the inventor of the first seismograph.
A bold signature and date (May 8th 1905) in black fountain pen ink on the front panel of an envelope (4.5" x 3.5"). RARE.

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ref:8968  £20.00
Moffat, William Graham   (1866-1951)
Moffat, William Graham Scottish actor, director and playwright, described as "the most humorous of Scotsmen" and an important figure in the Women's Suffrage Movement.
A very fine typed letter on Graham Moffat Productions Ltd letterheaded paper (December 9th 1926) in which he thanks a Mr Henry Sanders for his letter of congratulations and encloses photographs, as requested. There's an excellent signature in black fountain pen ink at the conclusion. RARE.

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ref:6577  £25.00
Moore, Bobby (and others)   (1941-1993)
Moore, Bobby (and others) English footballer, immortalised as the captain of the England team that won the 1966 World Cup.
A set of ink signatures to the blank reverse of a 7.5" x 6" portion of a Seating Plan for a World Sporting Club Dinner-Boxing Evening (12th November, 1976) at which Bobby Moore was a Top Table guest. Moore has added a bold signature in blue ink, as have eight other guests - Terry Mancini, Pat Jennings, Cliff Jones, Peter Bonetti, Trevor Brooking, Cyril Knowles, Alan Mullery and Dave Mackay.
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ref:9144  £95.00
Moore, Joseph H.   (1878-1949)
Moore, Joseph H. American astronomer, most famous for his work on stellar spectroscopy at the Lick Observatory.
A fine ink signature, cut from a letter, on a piece measuring 5" x 2".

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ref:8847  £10.00
Newton, Alfred   (1829-1907)
Newton, Alfred English zoologist, the greatest ornithologist of his day.
A fine 2-page letter, handwritten in ink on headed notepaper (Riddlesworth Hall, Thetford, 21 April, 1879) to Norman Moore (1847-1922)
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ref:9189  £30.00
Newton, Zoe   (1935- )
Newton, Zoe Lovely, petite British model, the most photographed and highly paid of her time.
A very fine vintage light blue album page (4.5" x 3"), nicely signed and dated (1955) in blue ink.RARE.

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ref:3216  £20.00
Norman, Montague   (1871-1950)
Norman, Montague English banker, the Governor of the Bank of England from 1920 to 1944; Nazi sympathiser and noted for his bohemian appearance.
An excellent signature and date (April 1938) in black fountain pen ink on a 4.5" x 3.5" card.

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ref:7693  £20.00
Norton, Caroline   (1808-1877)
Norton, Caroline English social reformer, author and early icon of women's rights.
A fine signature in ink, cut from the bottom of a letter on a piece measuring 3.5" x 1.75".

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ref:8838  £15.00
Novotny, Mariella   (1942-1983)
Novotny, Mariella
London-born striptease dancer, prostitute and key figure in the Profumo Scandal.
An amazingly rare survival, coming from the collection of an avid collector of autographs and photographs of Windmill dancers and other striptease artists of the 1960s. It is a black and white photograph (a little less than 8" x 6") of Novotny at her most sensational, in boots, tights and a basque. Interestingly, it is signed across the image in ink as Mariella Capes, backing up Christine Keeler's claim that this was her real name.

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ref:4507  £195.00
Oberth, Hermann (and James Irwin, US astronaut)   (1894-1989)
Oberth, Hermann (and James Irwin, US astronaut)

Transylvanian-born physicist, one of the founding fathers of modern rocketry and astronautics.

A remarkable two page typed article ("Moon Car") by Hermann Oberth, a pioneer of modern rocketry and regarded as the Father of Space Travel, signed by Oberth to the top of the first page in black ink in 1971 and signed additionally by James Irwin, Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 15 and the 8th man to walk on the Moon. RARE.
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ref:1685  £125.00
Profumo, John   (1915-2006)
Profumo, John Conservative politician, appointed Minister for War under Macmillan in 1960, who resigned three years later after he admitted to the House of Commons that he had lied over his relationship with the prostitute Christine Keeler.
A fine letter, typed on an 11.5" x 8.25" sheet of Toynbee Hall letterheaded paper (27/2/2001), thanking his correspondent for a donation and enclosing an information booklet about Toynbee Hall. There's an excellent signature in blue fountain pen ink at the conclusion

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ref:9414  £40.00
Quant, Mary   (1934- )
Quant, Mary

Great English fashion designer, icon of the 1960s and inventor of the mini-skirt.

A fine black and white 8" x 10" photograph, boldly signed and inscribed in black ink to the lower white margin.

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ref:2810  £25.00
Raymond, Paul   (1925-2008)
Raymond, Paul Liverpool-born pornographic publisher, impresario and Soho property tycoon.
A fine typed letter on an 11.5" x 8" sheet of Paul Ramond Organisation Limited headed notepaper (19th September 1975) to the Daily Express showbusiness correspondent, Arnie Wilson. In part, Raymond sends four tickets for a show at his Raymond Revuebar in Soho ("Hope you will enjoy the show"). He signs ("Paul") in blue ink at the conclusion. RARE.

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ref:8829  £20.00
Richards, Gordon   (1904-1986)
Richards, Gordon Great English jockey and trainer.
A very fine early signature in ink on a 4.5" x 3.5" card. Richards has added the date, June 1938.

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ref:7852  £18.00
Rutherford, Ernest   (1871-1937)
Rutherford, Ernest New Zealand-born British physicist, the first man to split the atom and regarded as the father of nuclear physics; winner of the Nobel prize in 1908.
An exceptionally rare vintage sepia photograph (11.75" x 9.25") , signed across the image ("E.Rutherford") in dark blue fountain pen ink.

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ref:9477  £350.00
Salvadori, Roy   (1922-2012)
Salvadori, Roy English motor racing driver and manager.
A very fine vintage black and white photograph (6.25" x 4"), nicely signed in blue fountain pen ink across a clear area of the image.

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ref:9133  £40.00
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