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Oberth, Hermann (and James Irwin, US astronaut)   (1894-1989)
Oberth, Hermann (and James Irwin, US astronaut)

Transylvanian-born physicist, one of the founding fathers of modern rocketry and astronautics.

A remarkable two page typed article ("Moon Car") by Hermann Oberth, a pioneer of modern rocketry and regarded as the Father of Space Travel, signed by Oberth to the top of the first page in black ink in 1971 and signed additionally by James Irwin, Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 15 and the 8th man to walk on the Moon. RARE.
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ref:1685  £125.00
Oosthout, Nel   (1902-2001)
Oosthout, Nel Dutch actress whose show business career was dwarfed in importance by her courage in helping Jewish fugitives during the German occupation. For this she was named as Righteous Among The Nations in 1977 by Yad Vashem.
An early vintage sepia photograph (5.5" x 3.5"), signed and dated (Sept 1956) across the image in blue fountain pen ink. RARE.

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ref:10548  £25.00
Pease, Joseph   (1799-1872)
Pease, Joseph Great British railway pioneer and industrialist and the first Quaker Member of Parliament.
A very fine letter, handwritten in ink  in the third person on a 9" x 7" sheet of notepaper (Southend, 1833) in which Joseph Pease offers some cryptic homespun wisdom

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ref:10567  £40.00
Quant, Mary   (1934- )
Quant, Mary

Great English fashion designer, icon of the 1960s and inventor of the mini-skirt.

A fine black and white 8" x 10" photograph, boldly signed and inscribed in black ink to the lower white margin.

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ref:2810  £25.00
Raymond, Paul   (1925-2008)
Raymond, Paul Liverpool-born pornographic publisher, impresario and Soho property tycoon.
A fine typed letter on an 11.5" x 8" sheet of Paul Ramond Organisation Limited headed notepaper (19th September 1975) to the Daily Express showbusiness correspondent, Arnie Wilson. In part, Raymond sends four tickets for a show at his Raymond Revuebar in Soho ("Hope you will enjoy the show"). He signs ("Paul") in blue ink at the conclusion. RARE.

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ref:8829  £20.00
Richards, Gordon   (1904-1986)
Richards, Gordon Great English jockey and trainer.
A very fine early signature in ink on a 4.5" x 3.5" card. Richards has added the date, June 1938.

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ref:7852  £18.00
Richards, Gordon   (1904-1986)
Richards, Gordon Great English jockey.
A very fine signature in ink on a vintage album page (4.5" x 4").
Perfect for display mounting.

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ref:10610  £15.00
Salvadori, Roy   (1922-2012)
Salvadori, Roy English motor racing driver and manager.
A very fine vintage black and white photograph (6.25" x 4"), nicely signed in blue fountain pen ink across a clear area of the image.

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ref:9133  £40.00
Samuel, Herbert   (1870-1963)
Samuel, Herbert British Liberal politician, the first unconverted Jew to serve as a Cabinet minister and to become the leader of a major British political party; played a critical role in the formation of the State of Israel.
fine black and white photograph (6" x 4"), nicely signed ("Samuel") in blue ink to the lower white panel. There's a second signature, incription and date ("For Mr David N.Dean, Samuel, Oct '62") to the reverse
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ref:7866  £30.00
Sanger, Frederick   (1918-2013)
Sanger, Frederick British Nobel prize-winning biochemist whose pioneering work on insulin and DNA transformed the field of genetics.
fine signature ("F.Sanger") in blue ink on a 4.75" x 3" slip of paper.
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ref:8914  £15.00
Shapley, Harlow   (1885-1972)
Shapley, Harlow Eminent American astronomer, the first to realize that the Milky Way Galaxy was much larger than previously believed, and that the Sun's place in the galaxy was in a nondescript location, 30,000 light years from its centre, and not at its centre, as was previously believed.
A fine ink signature, cut from a letter, on a piece measuring 3" x 1.5". In very good condition.

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ref:8845  £18.00
Shrimpton, Jean   (1943- )
Shrimpton, Jean British fashion model, an icon of the Swinging Sixties.
A fine signed letter, handwritten in ink, on a sheet of headed blue notepaper (The Abbey, Penzance, Cornwall, no date) in which Jean Shrimpton thanks a fan for writing but apologises for the fact that she does not keep any photographs of herself and therefore cannot help him.
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ref:3389  £20.00
Slipher, Vesto Melvin   (1875-1969)
Slipher, Vesto Melvin Great American astronomer, the Father of the Expanding Universe Theory.
A fine signature in ink, cut from a letter, on a piece measuring 2" x 1".

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ref:8842  £30.00
Slocum, Frederick (and B.W.Sitterly)   (1873-1944)
Slocum, Frederick (and B.W.Sitterly) American astronomer.
A fine ink signature, cut from a letter, on a small piece measuring 2.75" x 0.75".
This comes with a fine signature in ink, cut from a letter, on a similar-sized piece, of Slocum's astronomy colleague and collaborator at Weslyan University, Professor B.W.Sitterly.

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ref:8843  £15.00
Smith, Andrew   (1797-1872)
Smith, Andrew Great Scottish-born zoologist, who befriended Charles Darwin in South Africa on the return journey of HMS Beagle.
A fine one-page letter (no address or date),
with excellent ornithological content, handwritten and signed in ink.

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ref:4964  £65.00
Soper, Donald   (1903-1998)
Soper, Donald Prominent Methodist minister, socialist and pacifist, known as "Dr Soapbox".
A fine typed and signed  letter on West London Mission headed notepaper (March 18th, 1952), thanking his correspondent for a letter and enclosure, apologising for his failure to deal with them and promising to do so in the near future.

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ref:6347  £10.00
Spilsbury, Bernard   (1877-1947)
Spilsbury, Bernard Great British pathologist, now regarded as the father of modern forensic science and saluted by Time Magazine in 1934 as the "Living successor to Sherlock Holmes"; murder trials such as those of Doctor Crippen (1910) and the "Brides in the Bath" case (1915) made him internationally famous.
A very fine signature and date (21 April 1938) in black fountain pen ink on a 3.5" x 1.25" card. RARE.

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ref:8957  £30.00
Struve, Otto   (1897-1963)
Struve, Otto American astronomer, one of the first eminent scientists to publicly express a belief that extraterrestrial intelligence was abundant, and who was an early advocate of the search for it.
A fine signature in ink, cut from the bottom of a letter, on a piece measuring 3.25" x 1.5".

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ref:8844  £15.00
Sylvester, James Joseph   (1814-1897)
Sylvester, James Joseph Great English mathematician with a particular flair for algebra: he created many new words for mathematical theory, including matrix and graph.
A fine 2-page letter, handwritten in ink (Manchester, 7 Aug 1857), apparently to the statistician Frederick Hendriks.

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ref:9188  £25.00
Thomas, Lowell   (1892-1981)
Thomas, Lowell American adventurer and film maker, the man who made a diminutive British officer called T.E.Lawrence into Lawrence of Arabia.
A fine signature in green ink on a 4" x 3" white card.

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ref:4715  £10.00
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