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Leighton, Frederic   (1830-1896)
Leighton, Frederic Great English painter.
A fine one-page letter, mentioning the King of Sweden, on headed notepaper (2 Holland Park Road, Kensington, W., no date), handwritten and signed in ink.
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ref:8737  £50.00
Moore, Henry   (1898-1986)
Moore, Henry Great English sculptor, son of a Yorkshire coal-miner.
A very fine black and wwhite photograph (a little less than 5.5" x 3.5"), boldly signed in dark blue ink to the lower white panel.
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ref:10115  £65.00
Nolan, Sidney   (1917-1992)
Nolan, Sidney Australian painter, one of his country's best known and most famous for his iconic series of paintings of the Australian outlaw, Ned Kelly.
A very fine signature and inscription in blue ink on a 5.5" x 3.5" white card.
Perfect for display mounting

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ref:4498  £50.00
Scott, Peter   (1909-1989)
Scott, Peter
Great English ornithologist and artist, son of Robert Falcon Scott (“Scott of the Antarctic”).
A Benham's First Day Cover commemorating The British Butterfly Conservation Society and featuring four lovely Royal Mail butterfly stamps. Posted at Slimbridge on the 13th May 1981, it has been nicely signed by Peter Scott in black ink.


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ref:3781  £10.00
Smythe, Reg   (1917-1998)
Smythe, Reg

British cartoonist, the creator of the immortal Andy Capp, who appeared for the first time in the Daily Mirror in 1957.
A very pleasant letter to a fan, typed and signed on an 8" x 6" sheet of headed Daily Mirror notepaper (23rd November, 1971).

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ref:10032  £18.00
Yenn, John (J.M.W.Turner)   (1750-1821)
Yenn, John (J.M.W.Turner) Leading 18th Century British architect.
An extraordinary 1-page letter (Royal Academy, Wednesday, September 8th, 1819), handwritten in ink (probably by a secretary) and signed by John Yenn, to the architect Joseph Woods. It lists six Royal Academicians who might accompany him to the Custom House the following week, including the great English landscape painter J.M.W.Turner and architect John Soane, together with John Flaxman, Francis Chantry, John Jackson and Charles Rossi!
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ref:8910  £50.00
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