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Laurel & Hardy,   
Laurel & Hardy, Stan Laurel (1890-1965) and Oliver Hardy (1892-1957) were the most successful comedy team in motion picture history, appearing in more than 100 films.
A 2.75" x 1.75" slip of line paper, nicely signed in dark blue fountain pen ink by both. This in turn has been laid to a 4" x 3" album page. Perfect for display mounting
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ref:9676  £250.00
Lavender, Ian   (1946- )
Lavender, Ian British actor.
A very fine colour photograph of the film poster for the original film version of Dad's Army in 1971, with a bold signature in red ink across the image.
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ref:8358  £15.00
Lavender, Ian   (1946- )
Lavender, Ian British actor.
A very fine black and white photograph (8" x 10"), as Private Frank Pike in Dad's Army, boldly signed across the image in blue ink.

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ref:8328  £15.00
Lee, Pinky   (1907-1993)
Lee, Pinky American burlesque comedian, a huge star in the early 1950s, hosting the children's television programme, The Pinky Lee Show.
A fine vintage album page (5.25" x 3.25"), signed in full in green ink and obtained on September 10th, 1951, when Lee was appearing at the London Palladium.
(It is difficult nowadays to comprehend how big a show business phenomenon this man was in his heyday, but some idea
be obtained from all the 1950s collectables now on offer on Ebay – dolls, board games, play sets, stationery, comics and premium offers from manufacturers.)
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ref:6805  £20.00
Lehrer, Tom   (1928- )
Lehrer, Tom Legendary American humorist, singer and songwriter.
An excellent signature in black ink on a vintage 1950s album page (6.5" x 4.5"). RARE.

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ref:9554  £30.00
Leigh, Janet   (1927-2004)
Leigh, Janet American actress, in some excellent films but immortalised by her Oscar-nominated performance in the Hitchcock masterpiece, Psycho (1960).
gorgeous  black and white photograph (8" x 10") of Janet Leigh at her loveliest, nicely signed and inscribed ("To Alan, Janet Leigh") in blue ink across the image.
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ref:9847  £35.00
Lestocq, Humphrey   (1918-1984)
Lestocq, Humphrey Legendary British comedy actor.
A very fine signature in blue ink from his Whirligig days. It is on the reverse of an advertising card (4.25" x 3") promoting the British Televiewers' Rally at Exhibition Hall in London (no date, but certainly the early 1950s).
This must have been a "meet the stars" event because also on the card is a "Hank" signature in blue ink.
Hank was "Hank the Cowboy", another star of Whirligig, played by  Francis Coudrill (1914-1989).

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ref:6208  £15.00
Lestocq, Humphrey   (1918-1984)
Lestocq, Humphrey Legendary British comedy actor.
A very fine early vintage black and white photograph (5.25" x 3.25"), nicely signed in blue fountain pen ink.

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ref:5928  £25.00
Lewis, Jerry   (1926- )
Lewis, Jerry American comedy star.
A very fine black and white photograph (5.75" x 4"), boldly signed and dated (2010) in black ink.

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ref:8192  £18.00
Logan, Jimmy   (1928-2001)
Logan, Jimmy Scottish actor, producer, impresario and director, especially remembered for his appearance in two Carry On films, Carry On Abroad (1972) and Carry On Girls (1973).
An excellent black and white original publicity photograph (8" x 10") for his 1982 comedy film, Living Apart Together, showing him in a scene with co-star, B.A.Robertson.
There's a very fine signature in dark blue ink across a clear area of the image.
Jimmy Logan autographs are surprisingly scarce, and this image is a rarity.

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ref:7067  £20.00
Lott, Barbara (and Rodney Bewes)   (1920-2002)
Lott, Barbara (and Rodney Bewes) RADA-trained actress, most famous for her role as Ronnie Corbett's domineering mother, Phyllis Lumsden, in television's hit comedy series, Sorry!
A fine page (8" x 6"), cut from a Theatre Royal, Brighton programme for the 1986 UK run of the comedy Boeing Boeing, starring Barbara Lott and Rodney Bewes. Both stars have signed below their biographies, Barbara Lott in blue ink and Rodney Bewes in black.

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ref:8718  £18.00
Lucas, Matt   (1974- )
Lucas, Matt English comedian, screenwriter and actor, most famous for television's Little Britain.
A fine Little Britain colour postcard, showing Lucas as Vicky Pollard, boldly signed in black ink across the image.

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ref:3952  £15.00
Lumley, Joanna   (1946- )
Lumley, Joanna British actress.
A fine colour photograph (8" x 10") of Joanna as Patsy Stone in Absolutely Fabulous, with an excellent signature in black ink across a light area of the image.
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ref:9781  £25.00
Lupino, Stanley   (1893-1942)
Lupino, Stanley London-born music hall comedian, actor, writer and film producer.
A very fine glossy sepia postcard of a broadly smiling Stanley Lupino, signed in dark blue fountain pen ink across the image
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ref:3405  £10.00
Maddern, Victor   (1926-1993)
Maddern, Victor Great British character actor.
A fine typed letter (31st May 1952) to a fan, apologising for a delay in replying to his letter. There's an excellent signature in dark blue fountain pen ink at the conclusion.

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ref:8021  £25.00
Marceau, Marcel   (1923-2007)
Marceau, Marcel Great French mime artist, without equal.
A very cheery Studio Harcourt black and white photograph (5" x 3.5"), boldly signed and inscribed ("To Richard B.Yates, with all my heart, Bip, Marcel Marceau, '84") in black ink.

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ref:9808  £15.00
Marx, Chico   (1887-1961)
Marx, Chico American comedian, musician, bandleader, actor and film star as part of the Marx Brothers.
A fine signature in blue ink of a vintage album page (6.25" x 4").

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ref:8689  £95.00
Mason, Jackie   (1936- )
Mason, Jackie
Great American stand-up comedian.
A very early vintage 1961/1962 black and white MGM/VERVE RECORDS publicity photograph (5" x 4"), signed across a lighter area of the image in blue ink.

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ref:2155  £10.00
McGee, Henry   (1929-2006)
McGee, Henry British actor, best known as the straight-man to comedian Benny Hill for many years.
A very fine signature in black ink on a 5" x 3" white card.
The signature was obtained IN PERSON.

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ref:4224  £10.00
McInnerny, Tim   (1956- )
McInnerny, Tim English actor, most famous for this appearances in television's Blackadder.
A very fine signed black and white 8" x 10" original publicity photograph of Tim McInnerny in a non-comedy role, as John Morgan in the 1985 Vanessa Redgrave film, Wetherby.

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ref:4458  £25.00
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